Poetry Friday: Witches Claw & Pink Sunsets


Too Early for Halloween

This morning I woke to find a scraggly

witch’s claw on my window screen.

Gnarled and knobby, she was pointing

and waving to something unseen.

I closed my eyes for this sight I did not want to see,

for I really hoped when I opened them again,

she’ll have vanished and let me be.

This is exactly what happened,

the claw disappeared and

when I opened my eyes,

it was no longer there.


I was so relieved as it’s much too early for Halloween!


We are visiting our cabin again this weekend and last night were treated to an unbelievably beautiful sunset. The water was pink, as was the sky that was reflected.

Pink Lake

Shimmering pink hues

Captured on clear still water

Tranquil Summer Scene

Really! No Filter. Summer on Hultman Lake, Wisconsin! © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020

It’s Poetry Friday. This week’s round-up is hosted by There is no such thing as a God-Forsaken Town.  Thank you for hosting!  Be sure to visit our host’s site for some more great poetry!

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