Poetry Friday: The End of Summer.

My poem this week is inspired by all the children returning to school. It is a time of year that I am fond of because of the sense of newness and anticipation for the year ahead. While this year will be a year like no other, I think the sense of anticipation can still be powerful and filled with optimism. All of my sons are finished with their K-12 education now.  It fills me with both a sense of sadness and also, relief.


The End of Summer


Darkness comes earlier now.

Too early, as the sun sinks low.


It’s already below the horizon, can’t you see?

And, gone from where it was a few minutes ago.


The end of summer, 2020, has come.

In its wake, many milestones were shunned.


No carnivals, festivals, or trips.

A staycation summer, straight from your mom’s lips.


We all  want summer to last and last,

but a return to school has come again, fast.


Just as fast as any other year, the summer ends now.

But do not fear, the season never takes a final bow.


There will be more summers as the calendar scrolls,

the months and years become just a blink as they unfold.


I have no one returning to the school down the road.

It makes me sad but I have many stories to be told.


Of a time when my boys were the young age of yours,

when school was looked forward to with the happiest of roars.


Yes, the summer is done for both you and me.

It’ll come again another day, a day filled with glee.


Today is Poetry Friday. This week’s poetry round up is hosted by Heidi Mordhorst at My Juicy Little Universe. Thank you to her for being our host this week!  Please visit her blog for more wonderful poetry.

14 thoughts

  1. Whenever I read the words Summer and End I think of the late John Prine evocative song ‘Summer’s End.’ A song he ironically near the end of his career. However, I am also curious to ponder other perspectives on the notion of summer ending, and that is what brought me to your poem Carol. I’m glad I dropped by. That is a gentle sense sense of rhythm and rhyme about your words. Your have also sprinkled in a small dash of alliteration- ‘A staycation summer, straight from your mom’s lips.’ Your poem has a nostalgic air about it which I liked very much. The couplets, mostly rhyming are capable of standing on their own. You have achieved so much in this poem. You should be well pleased with what you have made.

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    1. Alan, thank you so much for your kind words about my poem. I didn’t really spend all that much time on it but the fact that you saw so much in it pleased me. I’m in the process of trying to edit and format a compilation of my poetry for self-publication. Are there any resources you can suggest to me? Books, online groups, etc.? Thanks, again, for stopping by!


  2. It’s good to remember all the summers that still lie in our future. Hopefully summers more filled with joy, with equity and acceptance and love, with open palms instead of closed fists.

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    1. Thanks for your comments. It’s funny I kind of “shut out” all the violence this summer saw and focused on the missed events and upcoming school. It was a subconsicous ommission! Being a realist, I’m not sure whether that is good or not.


  3. “the months and years become just a blink as they unfold” – This is so true, Carol. I agree with Mary Lee that we need more summers filled with joy, equity, and love. Someday, our children will remember that this summer was not the usual course of events.

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  4. We’re all wishing for different & your poem offers that hope along with the nostalgia of past school starts. My granddaughters started this week, were excited even if they were at home. So we helped celebrate them in new grades, too!

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  5. My sons too are adults, and returning to school was always exciting. As a child I loved preparing for school. Yes, there will be more summers and falls ahead, hopefully quieter and peaceful. Thank you for sharing you evocative poem.

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