Finishing Projects

It is raining and generally miserable outside today, so I decided early that it would be a day to try and finish some projects. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time making fabric face masks and preserving some of our vegetable harvest. But, I started a quilt at the beginning of the pandemic and it is close to being finished. I have also put off my jewelry making but I agreed to create some pieces for a special exhibit that opens later this month. I had enough forethought to order my components for my pieces and they arrived over a week ago.

Today was the day I would finish some of these projects; I vowed as I watched the rain fall slowly to earth in a drizzle. We need the rain, as we’ve been a little dry, so I really did not mind the respite from the demand to be out in the yard.

As early as 9 am, I was seated at my jewelry workbench in the back of the television room of our home. I was creating a piece with bronze casted faces. The necklace did not look like I had envisioned with four faces in various states of emotion. I showed it to our son, the artist, who happens to be home from LA this week. He concurred that it would be “better” as a bracelet. So, I set to taking it apart and reworking the piece. After revising the plan, the bracelet came together quickly. I had an extra “face” and made a matching necklace from that one component.

Faces of COVID pendant necklace from casted bronze.Assembled by Carol Labuzzetta, 2020.

Naturally, as commonly happens in my jewelry making, I had to make a run to our local Hobby Lobby for some small parts to complete the pieces. Most of my supplies are bought online, but occasionally, I miss something I need when I order. The casted bronze metal faces have a finish that seems “between” copper and brass, the more common two metals besides sterling and silver plate. I found it a little difficult to match, but was successful after I spent time looking.

My trip to the store yielded some bonus supplies, too, on clearance! This always produces a great feeling, especially since I sell most of my items on consignment now.

Coming home, the muse must have been with me for I not only finished the pieces for the exhibit (4), I also made several other pieces as well!

Then, I was on to my quilt. I had left it taped to the hardwood floor and layered according to online instructions. I started pinning it together just before dinner. Before bed tonight, I will complete the pinning. My aim is to have the quilt sewn together before the weekend. It’s been a really enjoyable project.

Next, up I have some writing projects to complete. Then, I will start some window blinds for our cabin. I have to find the fabric first, but look forward to shopping for it. The pandemic has taught me that I enjoy my craft projects more than I thought, especially when I have the time to plan and implement them in a timely fashion.

A drizzly rainy day was perfect to get a lot done with my crafts. What do you like to do on a cool, rainy, fall day?

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