Slow to Decorate for the Seasons

I’m sitting at my desk drinking my afternoon cup of tea. However, I should be decorating my front porch for fall. I am the slowest decorator! I don’t know why, but I am. I love to see the finished product for each season but by the time I get around to putting the decorations out, it is nearly time for the next holiday.

On Monday, I pulled out my Halloween and fall decoration. Part of what inspired me to do so was a trip to the local pumpkin patch over the weekend. From the storage totes, I pulled out ceramic pumpkins, paper mache gourds, stuffed witches, a Dracula nutcracker, and more.

It’s Wednesday. I have not made much progress. Monday night, I cleaned off the summer decorations off the front porch. I wiped down the rustic metal table that sits by the front door. This was a new addition last spring and has been so helpful to meet my need to make our front entryway more appealing. Our last house (1999-2007) had a wide wrap around porch with spindles and enough room for some wicker chairs. The front porch on this house is practically non-existent. Hmmmmm! Maybe that is part of my slow decorating – I just cannot seem to “satisfy” the space with what I think the porch needs. In addition, the electric outlet is on the opposite wall from the door, so lighting even creates an issue. I know what I like as far as space in entryways, and believe me, this house does not have it.

So, we do the best we can. As I said, the table I bought from Wayfair helps. The space looked festive, warm, and inviting all summer. I was pleased when my son’s track and soccer coaches visited to give him his senior athletic awards in June. The porch looked nice.

For fall, I will try to work some magic with the deep colors and symbols of harvest that I love. Our pumpkins will remain outside until we decide to carve them closer to the holiday. Some of my fall silk flowers will adorn a basket shaped like a large pumpkin. I will leave the welcome sign and save the “Witch Is In or Out” sign for the garage entry. It will come together! Perhaps, I’ll even add some lighting to it.

But, again, I did not get far today. Just as I added a few decorations, my friend pulled up for our weekly walk. I paused my porch decorations to get in some exercise. I can decorate some more tomorrow!

Do you decorate in drips and drabs like me, or are you an all or nothing decorator and get it done in one huge work session? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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