Dumbfounded over Division

As the United States draws near to our presidential election next week, I see more and more divisiveness online and in the media. To me it seems it has been a campaign of hate, and negative advertisement. Neither side can make promises that they know will be kept because of having to work with the predominant party in congress. And, few congressmen are crossing the isle to work in a bipartisan way. It is so disheartening.

It seems that no matter who wins next Tuesday (or, whenever the results are announced) there will be turmoil, finger pointing, excuse making, and generalized disgruntlement from both sides. In other words, they will both be sore losers. Personally, I just want our government to get back to work and stop the partisan bickering and road-blocking that is not in anyone’s best interest. Have government officials forgotten they work for “us” – the American people? Sadly, I think they have.

My husband and I have not yet voted. We will vote on Tuesday. Yes, COVID case numbers are high but I’ve been able to go to the grocery store and stand in line so I can go to the polls to place my vote. My husband feels the same. We might not feel this way if we lived in a more densely populated area, but we don’t. I’ll be surprised if we have to wait more than a short time to vote. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard lately is that if you are registered member of one party, you are more likely to vote absentee and if you’re a member of another party, you’re more likely to vote in person! This is hogwash! It is just another way the media has found to divide the populace and place us each on the defensive. Besides, during this pandemic, I do not believe that this type of sweeping generalization can be accurately made. There are reasons, other than political affiliation, to vote absentee. And, those reasons are probably more important that what political party you belong to.

And, then there are the comments about voting a “straight ticket.” This is also something don’t quite understand. Isn’t the point to vote in the person best qualified for the job? I think so. I don’t believe I’ve ever voted a “straight” ticket and certainly do not intend to this time around, either. Let’s vote for the most qualified individual, not for the ticket they are running under.

What worries me the most is what this divisiveness and resultant polarization is doing to our youth. Certainly, there have been few role models during this election season. Children and teens have more likely been exposed to the angry taunts one sees on social media, the judging that takes place, and the resultant shaming for feeling one way or the other. They’ve observed adults treating each other poorly and so, in turn, begin to treat their own peers, friends, and especially strangers with harsh words and a lack of tolerance. Yes, it worries me very much.

I am hoping for a kinder, gentler world. Unfortunately, all evidence points towards having to wait a very long time. For once, I hope I’m wrong.

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