What are We Waiting for?

It’s November 2020, four days after a Presidential election in the United States.

We were informed today that we have a new President. The wait is over.

Now, the work begins.

Work that includes all of us.

If you are gloating, stop!

If you are grieving, stop!

If you think you are better than other U.S. citizens because of the way you voted, stop!

Now is the time to meet in the middle.

Now is the time to put aside our differences and join together.

We need unity.

We need to understand that extremes are not the answer.

We need to recognize there is still division but it can be overcome.

By hard work.

By tolerant conversations.

By understanding your neighbor’s path is not your own.

But, it is a path, none-the-less. It is their story.

They have a right to live it.

We need to reach across the aisle. This can be done.

By loving one another as we want to be loved.

By giving if we have more than we need.

By being grateful for those who give.

By understanding we do not all need to see eye to eye but be tolerant of our differences.

We need healing

We need a role model.

We need to put the harshness aside, no matter what side you were on.

It doesn’t help to live in a divided house.

We cannot wait for tomorrow.

The future is here.

It starts now.

What are we waiting for?

Today, we have a new start.

But, change takes time. Change takes tolerance.

Change takes a rationale dialogue.

We can and we MUST do this together.

Let’s get to work!

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