Slice of Life Tuesday: Chasing Packages

With only ten days left until Christmas, we are down to the wire. I finished nearly all of my shopping yesterday by picking up just a few last minute gifts for our boys. The stockings now need filling. I’m pretty much on schedule, or so I thought until things started missing their delivery dates by more than a few days.

It’s been such an odd year and getting ready for the holiday season has been no different. Typically, get receive a lot of packages and send many out as well with all of our family out of state. However, this year, I am doing a fair amount of chasing down packages.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Before I explain, I do want to preface my words with a couple of explanatory statements. 1) I think everyone is stressed. Working or not, I believe that we are all functioning on fumes. We, the general public, are tired of the nine months of pandemic living. It’s grown wearisome to worry about being sick or making others sick, even if you are well. It’s been scary and frustrating and sad to know those who have become sick or even died. 2) I want to believe that people work hard to do their best at their given jobs. And, 3) We all need to be patient.

But, one of the ramifications of the pandemic is that more and more people are ordering online and workers are in short supply as they try to meet the demands of buyers. Manufacturing has been hit hard by limited supply chains as well diminished availability. Prices have increased in some instances.

For example, the price of a 2 x 4 piece of lumber was $8.80 at a local home improvement store! Wow! I’m glad we are only studding out a bathroom instead of building a whole house right now!

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Tile is out of stock. Even after changing our tile choices for the bathroom addition at the cabin when our first pick was not in stock, we got a notification several days after the order was confirmed that now our second choice was out of stock as well. I do not think online systems or those who monitor them are keeping up with what has sold and what has not. Hopefully, our tile will come back into stock in January.

Packages have been grossly delayed. I ordered cards from Shutterfly on 11/29/2020 and have yet to get them. The tracking is not updated – another common thing I am finding with orders. So, one is left to wonder where your package is in terms of transit.

Fulfillment is delayed. I have placed two bead orders from my supplier in early December and have yet to receive either. One was shipped right after I inquired about it, and is now due to arrive tomorrow. After I get it, I’ll start tracking down the next order. I am grateful that I do not need the beads to complete a gift.

A card, sent via USPS, to my husband took 12 days to get from Buffalo, New York to our home in Wisconsin! At most, in the past, it took four or five days.

Latest Bath of Fabric Face Masks. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020.

Several of my customers who ordered fabric masks have contacted me wondering where their package is when it did not arrive as expected. With patience, and a kind tone in my response, I’ve asked them to wait an extra day or two to see if their mask order arrives. They all have arrived, none have gone missing. But, it’s worrisome and frustrating when you pay for something and then you don’t get it.

All this comes as the COVID -19 vaccine is being transported and rolled out in the United States. After spending part of the day chasing package whereabouts yesterday, I glanced at the national news and saw the FED EX trucks leaving with loads of vaccine. It was a massive reality check. Yes, those are more important packages to deliver.

I can wait for mine.

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  1. What a perspective shift; thank you for sharing! We just ordered my mom’s Christmas gift (a video conferencing tablet), and the delivery window has Christmas at the tail end of it.. I was nervous, but, like you said, my delivery can ultimately wait 🙂

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  2. You touch upon so many important things here. Like you, I find it to be a difficult struggle with your #2 thought – assuming that everyone is trying their best, that everyone is coming at things with the best of intentions. For me, being so isolated from so many puts me deeper into the hole of separation. I have to remind myself that everyone around me has burdens to carry.

    Usually my brain is pretty good at remembering, but…yeah. I’m also human…

    And…the packages. Yes. There are things more important than what I have coming in the mail. There are those who are battling difficulties significantly more critical than mine. Thank you, as always, for your perspective.

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    1. Thank you, Lainie. I appreciate your comments. I struggle with #2 as well. I have to work at remembering that others have different (probably, heavier) loads to carry and are doing their best (most likely). I also have to struggle to not be too critical. Perfectionism is both a blessing and a curse. Writing has helped to ground me in reality and look for the “flip” side of things. Thanks, again! I always appreciate hearing from you!

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  3. This is a current reality, for sure – I received an item in the mail and it didn’t work out so I mailed it back, weeks ago. Apparently it sat in a warehouse for 2 of those weeks. Finally got a notification that it is on they way to the destination – we’ll see how long it takes to be received and for the refund to happen!

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    1. Ugh! I hope it works out for you and the refund is given. Two years ago I had ordered a new sewing machine from Joanne’s at holiday time. It got “stuck” in Chicago and never showed up. The tracking ended there. I had to fight for my refund ($300.00) from Joanne’s and “prove” I never got it. Luckily, after six months I had my money back. I hope your experience is quicker and less fraught with issues.


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