Choosing Paint Colors

We have a couple of home improvement projects going. One is a bathroom in the lower level of our house. It is a full bath that never got much use until my middle son moved downstairs to use the bedroom next to the bath when he went into middle school. The room has also been used consistently by my sister in law, our most frequent visitor over the years. It does make a nice guest bath, providing privacy for visitors.

The room is a full bath with a shower/tub, a solid counter sink with hickory cabinet, toilet, and even space for a vanity chair. But, we’ve lived here since 2007. It’ll be 14 years in May. The bathroom was one of the first rooms painted when we moved in and it is a beautiful deep lilac color.

But, the bathroom needs an update. We thought we were going to have to replace the tub/shower but after my husband scrubbed it (we have hard water) and put a protective coating on the acrylic, it’s gleaming once again! We will replace the floor and the light fixture, and maybe the fan. A new shower rod and curtain will be bought, along with some new towels.

We picked out the flooring last week. Since it is a bathroom, and currently has tile, we need to pick something just as waterproof to replace the tile – four of which have hairline cracks. We brought home samples from the home improvement store and I have made my choice.

Now, I have to decide on paint. The ceiling was easy. White. It was painted tonight. But, now that I’ve chosen the floor, I need to choose a coordinating paint. We are trying to go neutral and the flooring is anything but, so I’ll have to pick something light.

Paint colors have cool names. Did you ever notice that? Well, I have. And, I’m drawn to the name as much as the color. Right now, I’m leaning towards Gypsum, Oatmeal, Hour Glass, or Silvery Moon.

Once I choose, I’ll have to choose paint for our bathroom addition at our cabin. Then, there’s the bedroom our youngest son just left. The walls there are waiting for a new color as well.

Oh, the choices!

3 thoughts

  1. We just spent a small fortune removing a clawfoot tub (leaking pipes and too short) and putting in a new jetted tub/shower combo. Along with is paint, at some point flooring, along with paint the room beneath it because had pipes to replace as well.

    A little project becomes a money pit becomes quality time talking and painting.

    Home improvements, gotta love them! 🙂


  2. I’ve been matching paint chips to the existing colors in the house – just found White Mocha, which matches the trim.
    Grays were easy. The accent wall in the guest room will be Starfruit – a lemony-lime. And the small wall behind the tv is some gray-green.
    So many choices!


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