What do you do During a Snow Storm?

Today, in the upper mid-west, we are having a good, ol’ fashioned snow storm. This is something I don’t mind at all, now that we’re retired. With no place we absolutely have to go to, we can stay safely at home.

Gazing out the windows, the gently falling snow makes everything look clean, and unblemished. It is a world of white – truly, a marshmallow world in the winter, like the song says. The tree limbs are coated with several inches of white fluff as are all the perennials we left in our gardens to provide winter interest, and perhaps some left over seed for the birds. As I write this, I feel cozy, having my tea and looking out into the yard.

For some odd reason, when I dressed this morning, I put on a dress. It is a warm dress lined with fleece and my leggings are fleece lined too. I like wearing dresses, especially if they are comfortable like this one, and I can still curl my legs up underneath me on the couch.

Most of the morning was spent working on more fabric face masks. I have 35 done but decided I needed to make more – probably for no other reason other than the fact that I have more fabric. I need to get a few to a friend whose girls are headed back to school for face to face learning next week. I also pressed the seams of a roman shade I’m working on. My goal is to have two shades done by the time we head to our cabin next week. One is completed, with the exception of the pull cords, and the other needs its lining sewn into it.

We’ve planned meatloaf and smashed sweet potatoes (a new recipe) for dinner, a cold weather day meal if there ever was one. The meal doesn’t need to be started until later.

I’m taking care of writing my blog with this post. My other writing duties today were to respond to some posts of fellow bloggers and edit four of my own poems, since I did not edit any yesterday. This month, I’m being very serious with my writing goals, so I am tracking whether I do them or not. I also want to attract at least 50 views/visitors per day to my blog, so I’ve put some pressure on myself with that goal as well. So far, I’m on track. I’ll attach my poem edits in a while.

My husband is busy painting our downstairs bathroom. We are giving it a facelift with new flooring, a new vanity light, and paint. Maybe, in a future post, I’ll share some before and after photos.

I have a huge stock of beads enabling me to make some jewelry as well. Maybe, that will be next on my list. But, for now, I just want to stare outside at the thick blanket of cottony white fluff that is covering the ground as it floats gently down from the white sky.

So, there you have it! When we have a snow storm, I sew, write, make jewelry, cook, read, and gaze out my windows – from the coziness of the couch. It’s a good day when you don’t have to go out. What do you do when there is a snow storm influencing your day?

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      1. Valparaiso – about 45mins to an hour outside Chicago. I am very excited yes! It will be a big change but we are very happy to be moving closer to family and have a bit more quiet in the countryside.

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  1. Carol, you’ve certainly found ways to keep yourself busy during this winter weather that is keeping you inside! I love seeing your pictures, as they remind me of my youth in Ohio (though we’ve had one similar snowfall since I’ve lived here in Alabama–nine inches!). I’m looking forward to the poetry!

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