What do the Munsters have in Common with Game of Thrones?

Be assured that both The Munsters and Game of Thrones have to do with monsters and magic, but one in a humorous sort of way and the other, well, not so much due to an incredible amount of throat slashing! But, they have something else in common, too!

Their commonality is that last night, instead of watching the Super Bowl, we watched several episodes of the Munsters on one of the only digital signals we pick up at our cabin, followed by several episodes of season two of the infamous Game of Thrones HBO series on DVD. Both were also enjoyable.

In the fifteen years we’ve had our cabin, this is the first year we had television capabilities. We’ve always has a T.V. but without a cable hook up, we never watched anything but DVDs. And, this was a wise decision. It was wise because our boys were young and we used the cabin as a place to “unplug.” Reading, board games, kayaking, toad hunting, swimming, puzzles, fishing, and campfires all took the place of watching T.V.. Even a lot of school work was done at the cabin over the years. Usually, a movie via DVD was had at night before bed and that was it. We got so used to not being able to watch television that during one of our son’s recent visits, he admitted to not having it on! He’s 21 and said he forgot it was an option. We don’t have a good enough WiFi single to stream a movie, either. So, when you go to our cabin, you occupy yourself in ways other than the tube. I’d say we did our job well.

So, when we planned to be at the cabin last night – on Superbowl Sunday – let’s just say we didn’t plan on watching the game. We were less than thrilled with the teams that made it to the end anyway. But, we did take a look to see if we got the channel upon which the game was broadcast. Nope.

Enter the Munsters. While flipping through our limited station reception, I found that the channel that recirculated “oldies” was having a Munster marathon! Okay – I am dating myself here. I am a child of the sixties and Herman Munster’s gang was a regular part of my T.V. watching. I even had a Herman Munster talking doll! (I wish I still had it.) Funny and harmless, the show was a favorite of mine. And, watching the episodes last night took me right back to laughing at the antics of Herman, Grandpa (who turns into a bat), and Lily, Herman’s wife who wants to make everything right.

But, one can only take the Munster family and their naiveté for so long….and, this is where Game of Thrones comes in. For the last six months, my husband and I have been watching this series on DVD. We never watched it years ago when it was so popular.

We finished season one, and almost finished with season two. Season three awaits us as it was a gift to my husband for Christmas. While there are things I don’t like about this series, there is a story line that is intriguing. And, it makes up for some very poor television choices when one just wants to decompress!

So, following the Munsters, we watched Game of Thrones last night. The Superbowl score was periodically checked on my cellphone. But, we definitely did not miss watching that game, as we were already invested in another!

Munsters? The Game of Thrones?

Both were great alternatives when it is subzero at the cabin on Superbowl Sunday.

Did you watch the game last night, watch something else, or do something other than watch television? Let me know in the comments!

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