Poetry Friday: Chickadee Dance

Today is Poetry Friday. Yesterday, about this time, I glanced out my home office window and saw a flock of very active chickadees in our Norway spruce trees. They were flying from the evergreens to the bare limbed apple trees and back again to the needles for shelter. This flurry of spring activity inspired the following poem.

Chickadee Dance

The chickadees are playing,

Rejoicing in the sun.

Joyfully, flying from spruce to apple

Then, a male cardinal joins the fun.

Spring’s thaw is upon us,

Can it be so near to see?

The birds seem to know what’s up.

Flitting from tree to tree.

There’s a chase going on outside my window.

Is it a mating dance? 

In and out, round and round,

It seems they’re taking a chance.

Is the mating season upon us?

Here to usher the season in

With birdsong and eggs in the house

Instead of the bluebird’s kin.

Yes, there seems to be a fight

To use the blue bird house

Before the Eastern flock arrives

A chickadee pair will rouse.

© Carol Labuzzetta (draft)

I learned that chickadees do, in fact, nest in bluebird houses. Here is an interesting article from Ohio State University called, “What’s in my Bluebird House.” Check it out for some more interesting information.

Chickadee or Bluebirds, I’ll take them both! It’s refreshing to see the birds so active. Soon, I hope to hear their song as well! Spring might very well be on the horizon!

Today’s Poetry Roundup is hosted by Karen Edmisten and her blog of the same name. She offers some Billy Collins and a poem of her own based on things the same age as she. It’s a fun and interesting concept. I hope to delve into it a little more later today! Thanks, Karen!

4 thoughts

  1. It does seem birds are among the first to recognize spring’s arrival. I love the dancing, chasing chickadees in your poem.


  2. Our chickadees are busy, too. I have a view of a big spruce outside my window & see them flitting around, though they don’t seem to have a nest I can spot, yet! Love your ‘springy’ poem!


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