Stuck on a Slice

I feel stuck about what to write about today. It’s not really a writer’s block, but more of indecision. I skipped my Silent Sunday post this week to write a post filled with text. Now, I’m wondering if that was such a good idea. One of our fellow slicers, Lainie Levin, encouraged me to post my photographs on Sunday like I normally do – stating that they are a “form” of writing, if I am paraphrasing her comments correctly. And, truly, I think she’s right. Picture books are considered to be part of the world of writing, aren’t they? Many picture books convey the meaning of the story with few, if any words, just pictures. My Silent Sunday posts usually include a theme, so in a sense they do “tell a story.”

Yesterday, another slicer from posted drawings for their slice. When I commented on them doing so, supporting their decision to post drawings not words, their return comment was that “anything is a slice if you make it one.” I do know that as well.

But, I am wondering if my silent Sunday posts do more than just post some nice photographs. I think it’s a time for me to reset and re-center for the week. If I had posted photos on Sunday, I would have a post today because the words I wrote on Sunday would have become Monday’s and Monday’s would have become Tuesday’s. Photography is another hobby of mine and I use it almost daily, taking in all the natural wonders that surround me with a digital click.

Still, I’m on the fence about posting only photographs on Sunday. Luckily, I have a few more days to think about it.

As far as topics for today’s post, I contemplated the following:

Making Apple Cider

Going to a Bat Cave

Maple Syrup Making

Is a return to keto necessary or, not?

Orchids ( I have one blooming now!)

None of the above topics really struck a chord this morning, so I’ll leave the ideas for another day. In the meantime, I think provided a slice about slicing. Wouldn’t you say?

Today is day 9 of 31 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Thank you for creating such a supportive community of writers!

10 thoughts

  1. I think that slicing about slicing is always part about this challenge. People like reading how other writers make decisions and overcome difficulties. I always enjoy these kind of reflections.

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  2. Me! I feel totally stuck today – I had a plan, an idea, but then I just couldn’t push myself to get even halfway through writing it. Then I had an interesting conversation with a student that I considered writing about…and now, gosh, I don’t know. Hoping it hits me by this evening?! Thank you for sharing this truth; I’m not alone! ❤

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  3. This was definitely a slice about slicing, and you’ve got some good topics for the future. You take beautiful photographs, so I’m in favor of you going back to Silent Sunday. On the other hand, I understand the need to write about a hot topic that’s on your mind regardless to the day of the week.

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  4. Slicing about slicing–yes! I couldn’t call it a slice unless it had writing, but that’s just me and my hang-ups. {smile} That’s got to be a difficult thing for one as established in habit and pattern as you are (I say with respect and admiration). Being asked to do something different isn’t easy, so I’d do you. A slice doesn’t have to be long. A comment or two, maybe? As you said, you’ve got a few days to decide!

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    1. I agree…. I am such a rule follower. I really think that doing a modified silent sunday post with some text explaining the photos will fit both my needs and the requirements of the challenge! Now, I just have to decide on a topic.


  5. I love this post! One of the things that really resonates with me is something that, I think, lots of us struggle with as writers. Because let’s face it: all of us struggle at some point with what we’re going to write, either because we’ve got a lack of ideas, or we suffer from indecision, or we’re just not overly jazzed about what’s on tap. And that, sometimes, IS this story. (Thanks for the mention, by the way!)

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