What’s kaffeeklatsch? It’s the German word that gave rise to our phrase, coffee klatch.

It usually refers to a group of friends getting together at someone’s house to share coffee and gossip or kaffe and klatsch in German. The kaffeeklatsch became popular in the 1950’s here in the U.S. as a way for stay at home women to get together and socialize, according to this Taste of Home article from 2019. And, although we don’t use the term much today, many people still engage in this type of social activity.

Prior to the pandemic, I regularly met with one or two friends for coffee at a local coffee house. There we would sit for several hours and share opinions on things happening in the world, as well as our own lives. I am not sure much gossip takes place during our coffee clatches (also an acceptable term) but there is a lot of great conversation and attempts to solve the problems of the world! Over the years, some of the people that I’ve shared this time with have changed. But, it is still a very important part of my being and actually, my mental health. And, when I don’t have it, I’ve come to notice that I suffer.

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

For those that I share my coffee clatch time with understand me with all my intensities, personal oddities, and varied interests. They seek my opinion, they listen when I speak, and they expect the same of me. In short, our coffee clatch time is a way of supporting one another.

I was in great need of a a shared coffee this week and was fortunate to have some time this morning to see a friend and talk over our warm drinks. Instead of meeting at the local coffee house, I stopped at the drive-thru and took the drinks to her house. There we sat, in her kitchen, and caught up with each other’s life stories. I even got to see each of her three girls and husband in passing, too, as they were all home doing work or attending virtual school today. Our district is hybrid right now with students at the secondary level attending two days a week. From what I understand, this will change in the near future, as the fourth term approaches at the end of this month.

I hope everyone has at least one person they could have a kaffe klatch with regularly, whether you drink this warm concoction or not. We all need that person or persons who will listen attentively, speak supportively, and give us a sense of value by sharing time with us. I received those gifts today. And, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Today is the 11th day of the 31 day Slice of Life Story Challenge brought to us by TwoWritingTeachers.org. Thank you to these educators who created this wonderfully supportive community of aspiring and accomplished writers!

8 thoughts

  1. What a valuable way to spend time! I couldn’t imagine finding that space in my day currently. Sad. But your post greatly inspires such a shared moment! I love that you took an unfamiliar word and brought it alive. Please know I copied the word onto a stickie note and am placing it on my wall. Thank you!!!!


  2. Absolutely! I have a couple of colleagues that I’ve been doing something similar with ever since things warmed up last spring. Rather than coffee, these ladies and I gather over boba (bubble tea). It’s been…WONDERFUL. And also? If I lived in your town? I have a feeling you’d TOTALLY be one of my kaffeklatsch picks.


  3. I read your post this morning but I couldn’t reply! I love that you connected the article. I used to get together for coffee with others. My Oma used to have coffee and cake every afternoon. I miss having coffee with her for sure.

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  4. I miss this with my friends as well. When two of my friends and I were texting about missing catching up over a drink, we ended up Facebook video calling each other because it wasn’t feasible for us to meet up in person. I couldn’t believe what a difference in my mood before and after that call. Catching up AND seeing their faces was certainly a mood boost.

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  5. “We all need that person or persons who will listen attentively, speak supportively, and give us a sense of value by sharing time with us.” Yes. Yes we do 🙌. I love that I learned a new word and cannot wait to bring this up! Thank you for sharing this


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