Project Week

We had several projects going on this week at home. Last Saturday, my husband and I pruned the fruit trees in our home orchard. I took the opportunity to write about that. But, there have been other projects as well.

Since our youngest son moved out, his bedroom has been a source of need. The walls, now bare from the removed broken record – reminding him of his glory days in track from 2019, a National Guard award for being named a scholar athlete in his 2020 graduating class, old soccer awards, and even a framed newspaper article about his prolific origami making days from 5th grade, are down. What remains are white nicks showing through the deep blue paint and black remnants of adhesive between the walls and ceiling where strip lighting used to be. Of our three boys, he was the hardest on his room. And, it shows.

Origami made by Ben years ago. © Carol Labuzzetta.

So my husband has been cleaning the walls and removing the remaining adhesive. Its been a process, as finding a product to remove the black stripes (as they appear) took some doing. In case you are wondering, goo gone is doing the trick.

He dug out the paint we had left over and we might have enough to put a new coat on the walls. I had decided I really did not want to change the color in that room, so if we end up not having enough paint, I’ll choose a similar color.

New apron project. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

While he’s been busy doing that, I pursued a new sewing project. I made an apron. Several months ago, in the midst of all my fabric mask making, I came across some really cool fabric. It was billed as Japanese Oxford cloth and is heavier than quilting cotton but not as heavy as canvas. I bought two yards and found a pattern online for a “Magic” one yard apron. The first one is nearly finished and didn’t take too long. It was a fun project.

We also have been going through our house trying to make updates as well as needed repairs. We’ve lived in his house since 2007 and it was fairly new (less than a year old when we bought it). It needs some updating. One of our fans in the great room had stopped working, so after some investigation as to why, we decided to replace it. Finding one we liked was somewhat of an issue but we finally came across one at Home Depot earlier this week. Luckily, my husband is very handy and could wire in the new fan/light. We’ve decided to update a few other lights as well since we really like the freshness this style provided to our living room.

Finally, inspired by more Great British Baking Show episodes, I made a small almond joy cheesecake in my Instapot! I will save the details of that for another post since it was a keto recipe as well!

Our goal is to get most of the inside “stuff” done before the weather beckons us outside to care for the yard. It’s been a great feeling to be productive!

What projects are keeping you busy outside of working?

Today is day 18/31 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Thank you for encouraging a daily writing habit.

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