Will Discouragement be Overcome Again?

It’s at this point in the Slice of Life Story Challenge, a little more than half way through,

that I always get discouraged. Five years running, I can count on it happening.

You know….thoughts such as:

– why am I doing this?

– why isn’t my readership higher this month than in previous months when I did not

participate in a challenge?

– am I not worth reading?

– are people reading but not commenting?

– I’m commenting on theirs, why can’t they comment on mine?

– I already blog EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Do I need to do this?

– I will write whether I participate or not. That is the simple truth.

– I think it will help me network.

– I think wrong.

– I’ll shorten my posts. That should help.

– I think wrong.

– I’ll post at a different time, that will make a difference.

– I think wrong.

– I’ll tell a story (The Bat Cave Shock). That should help.

– I think wrong.

– I’ll write a list, instead of a narrative.

– We’ll see. Today’s post is a list.

The self doubts go on and on.

Did I mention that it’s my fifth year of the Slice of Life Story Challenge and I feel like this



I tell myself I am not going to participate again.

I tell myself this year will be different.

I tell myself if I am better at writing and returning comments,

people will do the same for me.

I put in a sincere effort this year to be better about commenting.

Did it help? Maybe. But, overall, not really.

I tell myself, not again. This is it. I’m done.

But, then, I turn around and sign up again. I am beginning to question why.

This year I amped up my game and volunteered for the welcome wagon and donated books for prizes figuring more involvement might help me feel more engaged in the challenge.

Nope. That has not happened.

I’ll continue to write, no matter whether I chose to participate or not.

I will finish the challenge because I always (99% of the time) finish what I start.

We will see what next year brings.

At least I can look back on this post and decide what to do come March of 2022.

When I do, I also need to remember some slicers who NEVER FAIL to comment after visiting – Lainie, Tim, Tammy, and Fran. You guys rock! And, maybe, just maybe, will be four of the reasons I do it all over again – if I can overcome the discouragement again.

For now, I am counting the days until April 1st.

Today is day 20/31 in the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers.org. Thank you for creating this community of writers.

20 thoughts

  1. Congratulations on doing this challenge for five years! That is an accomplishment itself! I find this challenge to be very therapeutic, even if nobody is listening. What we have to say does matter. You should be proud of your amazing accomplishment.

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    1. Thanks! I actually have written every day since February of 2017 haveing over 1340 posts! I am very proud of that! I agree that writing can be therapeutic and is for me as well. I seem to experience these feelings, however, every time I do this challenge….like I’m on the fringe of something that I’ve invested in. And, since it is an elective activity and I do have a loyal readership, I question trying to make myself fit the mold of the challenge. Thanks, again.


  2. Well, I will tell you. I read you every day whether I comment or not. I love your posts. I like that we are in the same state! I always love what you have to say and love that you share pictures often as well. I like hearing about your life and insights.
    I also look for your blog email alert and always click it to read [honestly, If I have time or not!]
    Thank you for your words and your dedication!
    Happy Saturday

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    1. Tammy, Thank you so much! I needed to hear your words today. I, also, am pleased that we have connected and like that we both hail from Wisconsin! Thank you for subscribing to my blog via email, as well. I so appreciate your support! Happy Saturday to you as well! It was a goregous day here! I hope you got outside to enjoy the sun!

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  3. I’m sorry that you experience this level of discouragement each year. I’m intrigued by the sentence “I think wrong.” which sounds like a refrain. I wonder exactly how you mean it. What does ‘wrong’ mean for you? Your determination and consistency are evident, you will continue and complete the challenge but at this point you’re doubting the benefits. This post seems like an important step in understanding your motivations for joining and supporting this community that does not appear to be giving you enough of what you need or would like. I hope you can find joy or satisfaction in various corners of the community. I see you. May the remaining days bring fulfillment of one kind or another.

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    1. Thank you for your words. I did mean the phrase, “I think wrong” as a refrain. I meant that I am trying to figure out why I feel this what and brainstorm solutions that turn out to be wrong. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that I feel unfulfilled in doing this challenge. I do – that is it, exactly! If I am already writing each day and have an audience but the audience has not changed since I am posting to this challenge, I really fail to see the point of doing it. As you noted, I will finish the challenge. I will decide later if I will return next year or not. One thing is for sure is that I’ll keep writing. Maybe, the group is just not a good fit for my current writing goals – which include drawing a larger audience, growing my blog, and becoming published. I thank you for your kind words and serious contemplation about my blog today. I felt seen and heard. YOU were a large part of that feeling! Thanks!

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  4. I appreciate the honesty of your post. This is my first year slicing and I’m enjoying reading and making connections to the other slices. I certainly connect to yours and wonder if it’s also the time of year. I feel myself wonder “why am I doing this?” about so much lately. Not that it helps, but you’re not alone!

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    1. Hmmm. Yes, I am always honest in what I write. I write from my heart and from my own experience. That gets me into trouble sometimes. Sometimes, people do not want to hear the hard facts, the brutal honesty of a situation. I am grateful to the Slice of LIfe community because many of my regular readers during the year are part of it. However, since I write daily, I am not sure this challenge is a good fit for me anymore. I know we are all busy. We write, we read, we teach, we have families, lives, and other things that keep us busy. But, maybe, I’ve run the course on this challenge. I won’t say that I will not participate next year, but I think I need to focus on some other writing goals. I am glad you are enjoying the experience. It can be a good one. Thank you again for responding today! I do not feel as alone as I did when I wrote this piece! I have you and other slicers to thank for that!


  5. Well here’s the thing. I just want to say, I GET you. That message of self-doubt and discouragement, it echoes in my head as well. Why am I shouting into this void, and what am I really putting out for this world that really matters? I can only tell you this. *I* read you. I value and enjoy what you say, and I’ve learned so much from your perspective. I’ve gotten encouragement and validation from our interactions through writing. You’ve helped me grow. And I’ll continue to do so long past March. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Lainie! I did give you and a few others a shout out at the end of my post yesterday. I appreciate your comments and do realize you read (and think about) what I have to say. I am trying to do a better job of that for you and others. I truly appreciate our exchanges, and look forward to more of them – well past March. Thanks, again!

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  6. You’ve got this, eleven days to go right? This is my first March challenge and though some days are tough, I have noticed how I’ve felt elevated in writing everyday, and being part of a writing community. Keep the faith. I’m glad you did this as I’ve enjoyed reading your posts!

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    1. Thank you! I do have this. I know…not a lot of time left in the challenge. I absolutely will continue to write daily, as I’ve done for the last four years. I only need to re-evaluate this challenge and the effect it has on my confidence level. I seem to do better when I am not participating in such a thing. I am glad you are participating as well as I’ve enjoy your comments as well as your writing. I am trying to do a better job with my own commenting, too. I realize I could do better with that. Thank you for your support!


  7. I loved reading your post. This was my first year, (well sorta, I did half the month last year) and so it was good to hear, all the thoughts that I thought were only in my head are in others too. And to think you write and post everyday! Wow! I am in awe.

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    1. Thank you! I am almost sorry you can relate, however. It is hard to write for what should be a larger community and not see a concurrent rise in my stats. But, I thilnk there are more of us out there that are just not sure of how much support our writing has! I am trying to do better with my own commenting as well. So, I hope you hang in there and make it to the end this year! I will, if you will! Thanks, again!


  8. Carol, whatever else you might do, don’t stop doing this! Reading through your post had me shaking my head up and down at the struggles I share with you, but in the end I’m happy to be doing this and I’m happy you are too! Before I came to this post, I commented in response to one of your comments and mentioned that I thought of you and a few others as I was writing tomorrow’s slice. I wish I could see how you’d write about the day I had today. Someday we might get to hike together, but in the meantime I’ll read about your experiences and hope you continue to read about mine. Thanks for writing!

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    1. I plan to continue blogging, Tim. The habit of daily writing has been ingrained in me after doing it for so long. I would miss it if I didn’t do it. It’s the challenge I might not participate in when it comes to future years. I very much enjoy reading about your experiences and am grateful you read about mine. Thank you, again! (I’m off to read your post!)


  9. I so identify with these doubts. Please don’t ever doubt that your comments make a difference. I have felt so encouraged by you during this challenge. I’m sorry that I haven’t been as consistent in reading and commenting on your posts. I’m very grateful for your participation in this challenge–please don’t stop!!

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I think there are many who can identify with the doubts of writing and sharing our thoughts. Do not be sorry in anyway about your commenting. My post was not directed at anyone in particular. I am so glad that you participated in the SOLSC this year and I got to know your writing and such detailed observations of a place I do not know. Thank you, again.


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