Music Makes a Difference

Yesterday, I felt different. Happier and more optimistic, for whatever reason. I don’t really know why. I do know that music can sometimes make that difference for me; the difference between being glum or being happy.

I went to run a few errands early in the afternoon. I tried on Saturday but Target was so very busy, I walked in and walked out. Too many people, not socially distanced at all! I went home. Yesterday, since it was Monday, I figured that it would be quieter out. I know this from experience. We don’t live in a very congested area – in fact, it’s small. I know locals would disagree with me, as the region has grown in the 21 years in which we’ve lived in West Central Wisconsin. But, it is still not anywhere as congested as the suburbs of Buffalo, Newark, Delaware, or Baltimore, Maryland – all places we lived in the past. Still, I don’t appreciate crowds – especially during a pandemic! So, when I have the chance to go out when it is quieter, I do.

Yesterday, just before I left, I got a text from a friend who gave us a tip on getting a vaccine. This definitely made me optimistic. Then, as I pulled out of the driveway, I heard Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. It is a classic and beautiful song that makes one think about life and all the changes that come with living fully. I sang along.

Then, by the time I was at the road, headed onto the highway another favorite came on – What I like About You by the Romantics. This song takes me right back to college. It was a great “pub” night song and I remember dancing to it with my friends. It always makes me smile.

By the time I got to the road that leads to Walmart, The Beatles were singing Let It Be. I’ve never been a huge Beatles fan but I do like a very limited number of their songs. Let It Be is one of them. It seems like good advice, doesn’t it? Let it be! Let it be! Let it be! I remember playing this song on my flute in the 70s. Yes, I am dating myself, now! This song turned 50 years old last year and there are a ton of You Tube videos out there on it. I’ll let you choose which one to watch if you need to so so.

Lastly, on my way home, I heard True by Spandau Ballet. Again, this song was released when I was in college and I always found it soothing to listen to, especially during spring exams. I’ve never seen a video of this and was really quite surprised when I looked it up for my post! The dudes are young and in suits!

In any case, listening to music from my own past lightened my mood today. It wasn’t planned, but a random occurrence that all of these songs played while I was on my errands, making me feel even more happy that things might just be alright with the world soon. And, if they aren’t. Well, I know what to listen to!

What songs make you feel happy?

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  1. As I’m listening to the J. Geils Band this morning as I prepare for my students to arrive I couldn’t help but smile at this post. Music is my WORLD! I’m a former radio personality, and there is so much music has brought to my life that this post had to have a comment from me. You touch on the light that music brings to life. One favorite song on the radio, phone, etc. can change any dark sky to blue. I have way to many favorite songs to list, so i’ll just say THANK YOU for making this musical gals morning. Incredible post!

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    1. You are welcome! I love J. Geils too! Like you I have many favorites that could have also brightened my day yesterday but it was funny there was one right after another yesterday. The radio guys must have been from my era! Enjoy your students!


  2. Music is everything to me (besides family, friends, etc.) – your slice made me smile because I could empathize with the mood-altering joy music can have, especially when it’s random successions of greatness! What a great post – I am smiling just thinking about it.

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  3. Thanks for a great afternoon playlist! I love listening to music in the car, especially since it means I’m not listening to the news (I’ve gotta break that habit). Lately I’ve been on a Bruce Springsteen kick; I only recently discovered his music beyond his radio hits, and it’s safe to say my wife is tired of listening to it!

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    1. I have some Springsteen at our cabin – I was trying to introduce our boys to him some years ago. It’s only his really famous stuff though. I understand about breaking the news habit. I turn on our local news at 5 and watch the national news at 5:30. It drove my oldest son nuts when he was home with us earlier in the pandemic. It is kind of frustrating and depressing.


  4. I liked reading about all of your favorite songs and how they came to be meaningful to you. I agree with you that music can change your mood or your outlook. It’s a little medicinal in that way. It can also bring back some good memories, too. Thanks for letting us listen with you!

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  5. All of these songs are great ones, and there’s nothing like when a song comes on that matches our mood perfectly. Kind of like a good wine pairing, perhaps – maybe even better! All of which is to say, my list of songs that I love is LONG, and partly dependent on mood and context. Glad you had a good day. Were able to score a vaccine appointment after all?

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    1. My favorite’s list is long as well and like my book choices is varied and eclectic. It depends on my mood – another day – none of these song might have struck my fancy! And, yes – we have vaccine appointments tomorrow! Yay!

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