Poetry Friday: The Shot

During March, my participation in the Slice of Life Story Challenge has limited my Poetry Friday entries. I miss the community of poets I’ve come to know over the last year on Poetry Friday. So, today, I wrote two posts – one very brief post of the Slice of Life Story Challenge and one for today’s Poetry Friday.

Although this was my plan, I did not expect to wake up at one o’clock this morning with stanza’s of a poem running through my head! I finished this poem today. It is based on feelings about the COVID-19 vaccine which my husband and I very gratefully received yesterday.

I hope you enjoy it! And, I hope you can be vaccinated soon, if you haven’t already!

The Shot

A poke in the arm
Is like a kick in the ass,
Telling those germs to 
Get out of there fast!

You don’t develop, 
Because now we are here
The swirling antibodies 
Scream to give germs some fear.

No lines, no waiting,
We got it real fast.
The time was now ours,
Act, before it has passed.

A coveted vaccine for those
Who can trust
Our medical establishment
To do what they must.

To keep us all safe
From germs that get shared
Just by living and being 
With humans who cared

For a hug and a kiss 
And, a handshake, too. 
Are all things that social beings 
Like humans like to do.

A new world order
With vaccines in the mix,
Surely is something we
Can live with to fix.

And regain the ability to
Be with others like us,
To travel, and dine and 
Visit without fuss. 

A poke in the arm is all 
that it all  took,
To diminish the pandemic
By hook or by crook.

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Today’s round up is hosted by Soul Blossom Living. Be sure to check out this blog by Susan Bruck for more great poetry, especially during the month of April! Thanks!

10 thoughts

  1. Carol, as I said in your other post, I’m glad and your husband were able to get the vaccine. I’m almost as glad that you were able to put the experience into verse (I really like your poem, but the vaccine is sort of a big deal). Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. Yes, I have completed the 2 shots & it is a big relief. I am glad for you, too! Although I want everyone to be safe, am glad the numbers appear to be going down – mostly. Wishing we could all keep safe with rules that are followed!

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