Not Silent Sunday, but a Few Words, Instead.

I’ve been somewhat scattered today – trying to finish a number of projects that include a video of the signs of spring for first graders at a local school, a roman shade that has been nothing but problems, cleaning up our utility room, and putting winter hats and gloves away. I hope I haven’t jinxed us in that regard – it’s early!

Anyway, among those activities I’ve been trying to put together a blog post on art. My youngest son was featured in a New York Times article today! He is a new breed of artist getting exposure, commissions, and sales through online social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and his own website. He’s making a living as an artist! My post, which has not come together as I’ve wanted, explores our very creative family and our varied interests. I’ll keep working on it for another day.

But, as my husband and I talked while he was making a cake, I made an innocent comment about selfishness not being something I thought I embodied, stating, “I can be selfish at times, but I don’t think of myself as a selfish person. I don’t associate it with being one of my character traits.”

Not really expecting a response, my husband said, “you’re driven, obsessed, intense, generous, and beautiful, but not selfish.” Wow! You know, we’ve been married thirty three and a half years! It thrilled me to have such a spontaneously positive response!

I know that my intensity and obsessiveness (as well as my perfectionism – which I have tried to reign in over the last year), frequently bother him. But, obviously I have some other positive traits that sprung immediately to mind for him about me!

It’s been a good day – even if I’ve been scattered! I’ll take the compliment! Thank you!


Today is day 28/31 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. This month long writing challenge is hosted by Thanks go to this group for creating and hosting a supportive writing community.

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  1. My heart is full just to read all of this joy and wonder. You know, we go through this world wondering what parts of ourselves will come back – and boy, has it ever for you! I hope that you bookmark this post, or print it and save it. Or put a screen shot in your “happy jar” file. Whatever it is. And…what’s the link to the New York Times article? I’d love to give it a read!

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      1. I just read the article. How amazing is that? Here’s hoping that your son continues to find success AND is able to balance that out with experimentation and growth. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Oh, what a lovely comment from one who knows you best! Your industrious day puts me to shame. I just wrote the ABCs of a friend for her 70th birthday. There are some great words I could have used in your husband’s response.

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  3. Carol, what a nice slice–thank you for sharing it. Sometimes it’s okay to have a scattered day, and having a nice compliment from one’s spouse makes even those days good.

    Um, you put your winter stuff away in March? Whoa.

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