Equation Poems

It’s April! Happy National Poetry Month!

I just read a post by fellow blogger Laura Purdie Salas on equation poems. It seems like a fun, easy introduction to poetry! I hope to try it with some students later this month!

But, as per my usual routine, I like to write what I ask my students to write. Thus, today I will offer an equation poem or two of my own. Here’s a little background…..

Yesterday, I started some vegetable and flower seeds. I am usually not very successful at this, although I do have a way with plants once they are established. We have many beautiful flower beds in our yard and it is this time of year when I start to get an “itch” to put my hands in the soil!

In year’s past, we’ve also been over zealous in the number of vegetable plants we put in. Too many plants, means too to take care of by weeding and watering, and too many vegetables to harvest and process. Therefore, I decided to do some things different this year!

The Difference in 2021

One thing I decided to do different this year was scale back on the number of seeds I started. Obviously, you already know the reasons that I did this!

Another thing I did differently was move my seed starting area from the lower level of our house to the laundry room on the main level. The lower level of our house is finished but cool (its on a slab). The fireplace adds warmth but we typically do not run that all day long. And, then there’s the baker’s rack that has plant lights but are so far above the trays of plants it leads to spindly plants even when I boost up the trays with stacks of old textbooks!

Moving the plants to the laundry room means better access, more regular visibility, and a warmer atmosphere.


One of the things I needed to overcome in the laundry room placement was better lighting. I happen to have two Ott lights for sewing and beading projects. When l realized I move these to the laundry room for the plants, I did a little research first.

Ott lights, or full spectrum lights, were made for plant starting, invented by a photo biologist! I couldn’t believe it! I was all set! All this inspired my equation poem after reading Laura’s post this morning.

Seeds + Soil + Water + Light = Germination

And, another, inspired by a phenology video I have been making for first graders:

Snow + Longer Days + Warmth – Snow + Rain = Spring

And, a third:

Soil + Rain = Mudpies

I’m not sure I quite have the hang of it yet, but you can check out Laura’s post for more expertly crafted equation poems! I am absolutely sure students will love this activity!

6 thoughts

  1. Now that I’ve seen this short form on your site as well as Laura’s, I’m going to have to give this a shot! It’s neat to see the background info for your poems today–thanks!

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    1. Thanks. I’ll have to keep at it….Laura has some resources on her page that I need to look at. I don’t feel like I quite have the grasp of it yet – creativity – I mean. I do like the mudpie one, however.


  2. These are great! I think the mudpie one is my favorite. I’ve done these with my kiddos before (we read the book Mathematickles). You’re inspiring me to try them again!

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  3. These are awesome! They’re all great, and I like that they get more playful as you move along. Also, once you start writing them, it’s hard to stop. They just come naturally! I’m excited that you’re writing these, and thanks for sharing :>)

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