Going for a Walkabout on The Land

During the late winter of 2019, my husband and I bought a parcel of land in the next town. It is a piece that has been in the same family since the early 1800’s. We were lucky to be able to purchase it, seeing something about the parcel from a friend before it was even on the market.

It consists of 14 acres of rural property with stands of oak, hickory and aspen. The land undulates and there are only two spots with enough natural clearing on which to build. The first spot we considered was visible from the road, on a knoll. But, having the property through two annual cycles of seasons now, has allowed us to know it is not the right spot for our future home. There exists a natural area of drainage coming off the higher elevations that would be in the area of our proposed driveway. Each spring is is wet and boggy.

Last year, we investigated using the other area suitable for building. This is an old prairie remnant at the top of a trail the previous owners used to skirt around and hunt on the property. It is large and flat. In the summer, there are coneflowers, heliopsis, milkweed, and ferns, depending on whether you are in the prairie sun or on one of the forested trails.

Last spring, I noted jack in the pulpit, crab tree buds, ferns, and wood violets nestled among the old growth forest. We also noted that the views at the top of our property, on the prairie remnant were spectacular! This is where we need to plan our new home! At the top!

The new property, which we fondly call “the land” or “the farm” is not far away from where we are now, although it is in a different township. Our current home and three acre yard is being consumed by developing subdivisions. We used to be surrounded by corn fields. Not any more! House after house after house has been built. It’s been a great spot for our boys, as we were just on the edge of town but felt like we were in the country. Now, without daily trips to school, we can live farther out and regain some of the country living we’ve come to enjoy.

Later this afternoon, we will take a walk on “the land” and see what treasures we’ll notice this spring! I know we’ll enjoy it as much as the birds, bees, deer, and other wild creatures that roam our Wisconsin woods.

© Carol Labuzzetta, The old cabin on The Land. 2020

2 thoughts

  1. Your post reminds me of a story of a king walking the kingdom to survey/confirm the boundaries. And here is YOUR king/queendom. I love that you have this space to plan, to dream, to build. It sounds wonderful.

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    1. Thank you, Lainie. It is a beautiful piece of land, although somewhat intimidating. There is A LOT of work to be done. The driveway, in itself, will be a feat! I do hope it comes to pass. And, yes, we do survey the boundaries! LOL. So, I guess it really is our kingdom!

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