National Poetry Month: Food for the Body & Soul Haiku


To pots of dirt, add

Yellow elongated seeds

Growing food for all.

Carol Labuzzetta, draft, 2021


A Leopold bench

Watches spring colors come forth

Beyond the coulee

Carol Labuzzetta, draft, 2021


Tree leaves budding now

Colorful bursts of green life

New food factories

Carol Labuzzetta, draft, 2021


Many sweet bird songs

Accompany morning tea

Fresh cool breezes sing

Carol Labuzzetta, draft, 2021

The poems, photography, and videography are the creative works of Carol Labuzzetta. No permission exists to reproduce in any form. Thank you.

4 thoughts

  1. These haiku are beautiful, and I love the way you’ve interspersed them with the photos of nature – which, after all, is the ultimate source of this form. =)

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  2. Carol, as Lainie said, these haiku are beautiful, and I also love the way you’ve combined them with the photos. I don’t know which complements which, but I like it both ways!

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    1. Thank you, Tim. I love writing haiku and must have written over 100 by now. I am starting to catagorize them in groups based on subject – all nature, of course. For me, my photography and writing go hand in hand. One seems to inspire the other – and I don’t know which way it is either!


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