Saturday Sparkle

We’ve never had a “normal” work week in our family. Years ago, thirty five to be exact, we were two young medical professionals. This meant shift work in all shapes and sizes. I worked primarily twelve hour nights Friday – Sunday which meant I had Monday – Friday off during the day for graduate school. My husband’s schedule was worse, flipping between days and nights and long stretches at the hospital of 36 hours or more at one time. His work schedule continued to include nights, weekends, and holidays right up to the time of his retirement a few years ago.

So, the importance of a Saturday-Sunday weekend off has never been a set part of our life. If we both had two days off, even if it was Tuesday or Wednesday, that was a weekend for us. There are great advantages to not working when most other people are: running errands is quicker and less crowded, stores are emptier, little to no line at the bank or post office, and more. Traffic is less.

Lately, on occasion, we find that we need to remind ourselves of what day it really is when we are planning to do something. And, of course, the COVID restrictions add a new dimension to that for everyone! It’s required flexibility. Much like the flexibility we’ve had all these years when having to work nights and weekends. The odd schedule prepared us for this, in my opinion.

It’s not the name of the day of the week that allows one to get things done, it’s your drive and intention. Whether it is Tuesday or Saturday, much can be accomplished, right?!

Since it’s national poetry month, I’m going to end my prose today with a haiku poem. I’ve noticed that there is a special corner at our cabin, just off the northwest face of the house and deck. In the fall, a large maple tree glowed with golden hues in the sunlight. Yesterday, I noticed a cedar branch adjacent to the maple tree with sparkling scales from a recent rain. It was ever so slight and I had to keep looking at it to make sure I was really seeing the light twinkle off the branch in the middle of the afternoon.

It felt like Saturday, but it was Friday. I hope to see some more Saturday Sparkle today.

Saturday Sparkle

Cedar boughs shining with rain

Transient Glowing

`Carol Labuzzetta, Draft, 2021

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