National Poetry Month: Lovely Loon

Lovely Loon

In the middle of the night in early April,

I heard you arrive.

The darkness shrouded an ability to see

So I did not look for you, my prize.

But, I heard your cry.

You announced your arrival boldly, without being shamed.

Even the lateness of the hour could not be blamed

for the noises you make as you fly on to our lake.

No one available to gawk at your wake.

Alerting us all to your coming home,

For the summer months.

Just you alone?

Or, your family too?

Will you be making a nest to share with more than a few?

Early the next day,

I saw with my own eyes,

you floating by our cabin

where our dock lies.

Silently now in the rain you float,

dipping down for a snack from your

biological body boat.

You did not return that day at all.

Or, at least I did not notice you

Among the raindrops, continuing to fall.

Until, this morning when I glanced up again.

There you were floating by,

Silent again.

This time you showed off your feathers,

as you popped up on your feet,

shaking and dancing for a brief beat.

A formal black top coat, speckled with white,

with a clear underbelly, shown off in the light.

There was no doubt about it,

you were home to stay,

at least for the summer months

you’ve come to play.

On our lake in the Wisconsin Northwoods,

Oh, lovely loon,

let’s visit again real soon.

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

Pixabay, creative commons, copyright free photography.

Although it is time for my Silent Sunday post, and I will make one today, this poem popped into my head and demanded to be written! So, I listened to my inner muse and got the words down as soon as I could. Enjoy!

2 thoughts

  1. This piece makes me smile. Your language and voice is so characteristically YOU:
    “Silently now in the rain you float, /

    dipping down for a snack from your /

    biological body boat.”

    Only you could have put those words together like that. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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