Slice of Life: Contemplating Motivation

Lately, I’ve been giving my blogging life a lot of thought. I’ve been writing almost daily since February of 2017. It’s a lot of posts! I still enjoy it very much. I still gain followers on a regular basis. I still have ideas that stem my daily habit.

Blogging has been good for me. There’s no question about it. It has made me a better writer. It has made me a more interested reader. Blogging has allowed me to connect with others close to home and also in far away places. Some of my blogging friends have moved on such as the gardener in England whose posts were so beautiful but no longer has time for it. Unfortunately, I miss those people.

Are there still things I’d like to work on and improve? Yes. These things are motivators. I’d like to reorganize my blog and it’s appearance. When there are five years of daily posts, that might be easier said than done. I’d like to categorize my posts. I have varied interests and life experience and it would help readers find what they might be looking for. There’s more that I’d like to do – I’m working on those things too, but hesitate to say.

I’ve asked myself why am I blogging? To help answer this question, I’ve gone back and re-read my home page. Are my reasons for writing still the same? Most of them are.

I think part of blogging is networking and human connection. Last night, I spent some time looking for new blogs to follow. Did you know there are blogging lists according to topic? Huge lists with hundreds of blogs listed. I looked at the lists for environmental education, general k-16 education, gardening, and science – all things that interest me. Most of the blogs in the lists seem to be corporate extensions. Some are by individuals. Surely, there is a lot to read – but do I still want to write a blog?

Yes. I do. But, I’ve recently realized that I am more externally motivated than I have always believed. Since writing is a solitary activity, one needs something to sustain it. Regular comments from faithful readers have certainly been sustaining for me. My husband comments on a routine basis when he reads a batch of my posts. My sister-in-law comments. But, my mom, my sister, a few of my good friends don’t read my posts -ever, claiming they are too busy. I think it’s too bad. They are missing part of who I am – my thoughts and feelings about life. It’s been this way since the start, so I am used to it.

But, I think my actions last night -pouring over lists and lists of blogs- says a lot. I want more. Whether blogging is going to give that to me or not, I don’t know. I do think I need to start to spend less time on my daily posts and more time pursuing my own writing – poetry, gifted education, gardening, and even baking or foodie type entries. Of late, my keto journey posts have garnered a lot of attention. I want to compile family recipes for my sons – all now living on their own. I want to publish a compilation of my own writing. These things take time – time that is currently being used by daily blogging.

When I think back over my life, I’ve always had feedback – two graduate degrees in two different disciplines, substitute teaching, volunteering, and groups of students have always sustained my motivation to do better and do more. I think it’s more a question of personal fulfillment more than anything else.

Blogging? I’m not so sure where it’s taking me anymore. I’m not sure it’s fulfilling.

Time will tell.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday. I’ve participated in this community of bloggers, authors, and teachers for the last five years. I thank TwoWritingTeachers for creating a supportive community for writers.

8 thoughts

  1. I often wonder why I’m doing this because it’s definitely not because I have followers. I think I just like the idea of taking something from my notebook and polishing it just enough to be worthy of public viewing. I really enjoyed reading how you engage with blogging and it’s giving me more to think about for myself (another benefit of this community). So I guess I want to thank you for articulating your goals and purpose so that it gets me thinking more about my goals and purpose. 💛

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    1. And, I want to thank you for reading and commenting! I wish you luck with your own blogging journey. In general, it’s been a great experience for me but I am very goal oriented so I think I need to focus on some new writing goals beyond the blog. So far, it’s been going well.


  2. Wow that’s a lot of posts indeed! Cheers to you doing it every day and having the motivation for that. For me, I started in blogging to practice writing on a regular basis and meet some other writers. I’ve certainly enjoyed all the many different blogs I’ve encountered and the people I’ve met in the virtual world. They have been especially good company during the pandemic. And whatever you decide on the writing front going forward from here, whether it’s blogging or something else, I hope you find it fulfilling and fun ❤

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    1. Thanks! I also started to blog to develop a daily writing habit. I think that has been firmly established – my day is not complete until I write. But, I need to focus on writing without hitting the publish button – work on bigger, longer-term projects. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks again for the good wishes!

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  3. Once again, I think we are on parallel lines. I think I could have written this myself. First of all, I’d say YES. Writing every day has felt productive in so many ways. and I’m growing as a human and as a writer. And like you, as much as I WANT to say that I’m completely internally motivated, I wouldn’t be truthful. Fact is, I LOVE getting feedback. I love hearing what others have to say about my work, and I enjoy the feeling I get when something I’ve written creates a response. Which also means that it’s really hard for me sometimes when I feel like I’m shouting into a void. It leaves me wanting to be heard, and wondering what else / what more there is. Either way, I’m still watchin’ and readin’!

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    1. I’m glad to know I’m in good company! Thanks, again, Lainie! I had to laugh at myself on yesterday because last week I told myself I was going to take a break from the SOL community for a month – Obviously, I didn’t mean what I said because I didn’t even remember it and posted to SOL: Tuesday again this week. Oh, well – I guess I’m also still watching, reading, and posting! 🙂

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