A Pocket Poem for You, Our Educators

Yesterday, I learned from a fellow blogger and Wisconsin educator, Tammy at Tammy’s Reading Life blog that today is Pocket Poem Day! According to Tammy’s blog, the Pocket Poem was started in New York and meant to spread cheer. A poem, written or copied (with acknowledgment, of course), is shared and passed to those one contacts throughout the day on Pocket Poem Day. Tammy has done this for many years and invited others to try it today!

It is a concept that was new to me and I liked that it might bring joy to those that receive the poem. From the receipt of the idea, I went on to look for a small poem on gratitude to pass on for my pocket poem. I am always unsure about passing on the work of others, even with attributes. Therefore, this morning I decided to write my own.

A Tiny Thank You Poem for Your Pocket

A poem in your pocket

sounds like a posy, a

single stemmed, daisy-like bloom

with bright pink petals and

a scent that will make you swoon.

Not something to stick in your lapel or blazer suit

just something unseen to carry with you, making you smile,

even when you bite your lunchtime fruit.

Those around you will wonder

but fail to know

what brings such happiness

and a warm glow.

Unconsciously, you touch your pocket

that holds this tiny poem, reminding yourself

It’s a wish for your happiness and

appreciation, too. For today, you are

recognized for all that you do.

© Draft, Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

It’s not perfect, after all it is my first and only attempt at a pocket poem. And, these days, I am trying to get away from “being perfect” as I find it holds me back from progressing towards my goals. But, I hope it conveys the sentiment of appreciation to those for whom I am grateful and those who need to hear words of appreciation today.

Since I am not working in a school building or with any current student groups, I will be emailing my tiny pocket poem at noon today to those educators and people who have made a difference for me and my boys throughout the years. Educators, everywhere, need our support right now. It’s been a difficult year.

Let’s thank them for all they do for our students!

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2020

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