Northbound on The Great River Road

Most of my trips on The Great River Road have been southbound. It is because I take jewelry to an art gallery in Iowa for the summer tourist season. This is my seventh year of doing so. I have not yet made that trip for this year. I mailed my stock instead of physically taking it in March due to not being fully immunized. Now that I am fully vaccinated, I will have to plan a trip going south on Wisconsin State Route 35, better known as The Great River Road.

Southbound on The Great River Road. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2016

Last evening, however, my husband and I made an impromptu trip northbound on The Great River Road. Our middle son, 21 years of age, lives north of us by two hours. He had car problems on Sunday and was in need of some help. After a few phone calls, between us and phone calls he made with roadside assistance as well as a KIA dealership in the town near him, we drove my vehicle up for him to borrow, while his was towed to the shop for some work. The GPS took us up northward along the Mississippi River on The Great River Road.

I was struck by the beauty of this drive on one of America’s scenic byways. Here is what I saw:

Image by jimsimons from Pixabay
  1. One Blue Heron standing in a marsh, hunting for a late dinner. Blue Herons are common here but its been a while since I saw one. It was a delightful sight!
  2. Two Canadian Geese flying together over the river. I imagined they were headed home to their nest.
  3. Three small tug boats with barges, grouped together in a sea of smaller islands.
  4. Four Limestone Bluffs, most of which have names. One, Angel Bluff, is tall and stately and managed by the Land Trust for which I used to work. It is covered with cedar trees.
  5. Five small towns including Buffalo City, Nelson, Cochran, Fountain City, and Durand.
  6. Six tractors on one homestead. Lined up like ladies in waiting, all colors, shapes, and sizes. New Holland Blue, John Deere Green, and International Yellow.
  7. Seven streaks of sunbeams radiating down from the sky during the artist’s Golden Hour.
  8. Eight school buses parked at rural district, quietly tucked in for the night.
  9. Nine whitetail deer eating in a grove less than two blocks from our son’s apartment.
  10. Ten or more fantastic river views!
Farm fields of Wisconsin, 2017. © Carol Labuzzetta

Of course there was more: a geodesic dome, a power plant, farm fields, prairies, marshlands, and forests. It was a beautiful drive, but at the end of it was my son – seeing him was the best part! We were glad we could help. He really doesn’t ask for much.

Image by Emslichter from Pixabay

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7 thoughts

    1. I so wanted to take photos…but not a good idea when driving, obviously! It was truly a beautiful drive. I’ve never been that far up this road. I will definitely go that way again! Thanks, Nancy!


  1. Carol, I’m sorry you had the reason you did to take the trip, but I’m glad you shared it with us! Herons are a cool bird to see. I don’t see them a lot here in north Alabama, but it’s cool when I do. Usually they find a spot and I see them for a few days in a row. That, and there was that time one cleaned out the school koi pond, but that’s another story.

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    1. Thanks, Tim. Our son is fine. He’s been very appreciative of me lending him my car. Also, we found out that the cost of the repairs will be covered by warranty. Whoo-hoo!

      As for the herons – I love to see them. We are fortunate to have some marshy areas where they like to fish, but as I said it has been years…

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  2. Ahhh blue herons. We have one I often see in the nature area near my house. Beautiful creatures, they are. I also absolutely LOVE the way you counted your way through what you saw. It’s just as I suspected: YOU are a noticer. And that’s what I admire about you. =))

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