Not a Big Purse Gal Anymore

Never have I written about fashion or accessories, other than my jewelry making once or twice, but today that will change! This post is about purses! Like most women, I suppose, over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of purses. Some are favorites and carried for a long time, and others like one I bought from a Stitch Fix Box are duds, and sit in my closet. (This purse is genuine leather dyed a bright red and is attractive but flops open when there are things in it. Isn’t a purse meant to carry things?!)

Anyway, since I’ve been cleaning closets and simplifying my “stuff,” I decided to change purses when I saw my flag purse, a large SAK brand woven purse (see below). Perfect for summer I said to myself. But, for years now I’ve been carrying a variety of little handbags. My favorite has become an Italian leather, cross over bag from Italy, given to me by my sister-in-law from her overseas travel.

I also have several SAK Roots brand bags that hold just enough, my wallet, cell phone, and a couple of pens. I love how these small bags slip over my head and come down over my torso to my hip on the side. This style diminishes the swinging feature that a lot of big purses have.

But, I made the change to my large flag purse. I mean the 4th of July is coming up, right?!


Over the last week, everything I’ve needed in my purse, I’ve had to rummage for – even my wallet! It all sinks to the bottom of the bag and swims around with all this other “stuff” I feel like I can add to the bag – a brush, my camera, etc.. By the time we got home from a brief trip to our cabin, I knew I had to change back to a small purse! My Italian leather bag saves the day again!

In addition to streamlining what I carry, I think small purses are more stylish and fit my small frame more fashionably. Besides, when I travel, I always take a backpack anyway. I’ve become accustomed to putting my small, cross over purse right inside the back pack. It keeps everything in one place and my hands free, incase I have to jog through an airport at top speed! (It has happened, although not recently!)

So, curious minds want to know…are you a big purse or a small purse or even a no purse, kind of gal?

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