Rainy Days and Mondays

One of my favorite songs growing up was Rainy Days and Mondays sung by the incomparable Karen Carpenter. And, such is today – a Rainy Day and a Monday. The song goes on to lament being down, not fitting in, and having the blues. Although I don’t feel this way today, I can relate to the rain and also to those days where nothing seems “right” and running to those who love you.

It was May 15th of 1971, when Carpenters hit the top of the Billboard 100 music chart with this song. I was eight years old. And, soon after it was released, I owned the LP with an envelope shaped album cover that had this song enclosed.

The Carpenters, especially Karen’s voice would fill me with the joy of music until her untimely death early in the next decade, a mere 12 years later.

Rainy Days and Mondays: The Sun Shines on the Carpenters on Discover Music

How Carpenters’ self titled album defined 70’s music on Discover Music

With melodic harmonies, a deep sensual full voice, emotive songs, and outstanding instrumentals, Carpenters brother and sister duo influenced my love of music, and continues to do so today.

It is a rainy Monday. Drizzly and now, cloudy, although we had sunny skies before. It’s a perfect day to relax to the rich tones of Karen and Richard Carpenter and be with the ones I love.

Image by Clovis Cheminot from Pixabay

If you’d like more information about Karen Carpenter, I wrote a blog post in February of 2020 about how I miss her music and which pieces I loved. The post can be found by clicking here.

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