A Local Taste: Micro-brew Beer In Rochester

We have been overwhelmed with the available choice of micro-brews in Western New York.

While visiting, we tried a scotch ale and a blueberry ale from the Rohrbach Brewing Company. We had these beers with our dinner at the Rohrbach Brewing Company’s Brew Pub on Buffalo Road in Rochester, New York. Since 1991, this local craft beer company has been successfully making local and tasty brews.

It was hard to make a choice of what to drink based on the variety and attractive names, but neither of us care for an IPA so, we settled on the Scotch Ale and Blueberry Ale. My parents had Vanilla Porter. All three of the beers were delicious. I think the Scotch Ale was the best – smooth but richly flavored. The blueberry ale was half gone before I tasted any blueberry flavor but that was okay as I’d rather have it that way than overwhelmingly fruity or sweet. All three of these beers are part of their classic series.

Some of the others that intrigued me were Black Cherry Stout and Space Kitty. The ABV percentage varied, so one had to choose carefully.

While we ate we noticed a sign that said we could buy a four pack of beer for carry out. We asked if we could mix and match the kinds. Sure enough, we could. So, we bought two Blueberry Ale and two Scotch Ale to bring home (not for immediate drinking).

It was a fun experience and a safe one. We knew we liked the two beers we chose so there was no risk in buying some for a later day.

The supermarket experience was quite different. There were so many different micro-brews to choose from that we left with none. Many were fruity and didn’t appeal to us. We were fortunate to find them stocking a German beer brand we like called Erdinger. Still, we knew that we can buy this at home, most of the time, so we passed.

Trying different micro-brews for taste testing was fun. Do you have a favorite micro-brew? If so, tell me about it in the comments, share where it is from, and why you like it. Cheers!

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