Poetry Friday: A Mish-Mash

This week I am getting ready for my student writer’s circle to start. We will meet at our local library on July 8th for the first time. I am excited to have this group. Thank you for your suggestions last week if you offered some to me! I am behind in my return comments but will personally express my thanks soon!

We have been making regular trips to our cabin and transferring some of our belongings there, to “thin out” what we have in our primary residence. We anticipate building a new home next year sometime and it will help to have less to move. As you might imagine, I am a bibliophile. There are many bookcases in our home that are filled to the brim. So, since books are heavy to move and we like to read wherever we are, I brought a stack of books to the cabin earlier this week. Looking at the books, I thought I’d try some book spine poetry.

This Tender Land

The Forest


Indian Captive


American Wilderness


Book Spine Poetry. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

The mix of titles surprised me but it is an entertaining form of poetry that takes pressure off of finding words. Since our group is starting at the library, we will try this form of poetry. Of course, we’ll have to limit selections to certain shelves/sections so it is not overwhelming.

One of the suggestions I received last week was to write a nonnet. I like this idea very much. I am sure my students have experimented with haiku. Syllabic poetry is a great place for students to experiment with words and a nonnet will be a great place to start. I alway write alongside my students and/or offer some examples of my own work, so today I wrote a nonnet. I’m not sure I like it but that is also part of the writing process that I desire to demonstrate. We don’t always like what we write. And, that is okay!

The Lake: A Nonnet

A trip to the lake in hot July,

Makes worries disappear and hide,

Cool breezes calm busy minds,

The lapping water shines.

We sit and relax,

On our new dock.

Sun sinking,

Loon calls,


Finally, I need to ask a favor. Would any of the Poetry Friday participants want to serve as a beta reader for me? I have two batches of poems in an editing phase. There are probably less than thirty poems total. The first batch are color poems and the second are nature poems. Please let me know if you’d be interested in helping me by being a beta reader. Thank you!

Poetry Friday, this week, is hosted by Laura Shovan on her blog, here. Thanks for hosting and sharing our links! I am excited to have a turn to host later this summer!

19 thoughts

  1. Carol, have a great time with your new writing group. Book spine poems and nonets will be a great place to start. All the best on moving those books and preparing for your new home.

    P.S. I have never been a beta reader for anyone for anything, so you can consider that in your decision to take my offer. I am willing to try, if you have plenty of others and if you let me know exactly what it entails.

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    1. Denise, Could you send me your contact info so I can send you the files of poetry to look at? If you do not want to write it here, you can use the contact form on my blog’s home page. Thanks! I only have one batch ready for you – about ten pages (not full) of color poems.

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  2. I feel your excitement and wish you the best with your new students and writer’s circle. I look forward to what you’ll be sharing in the future. I think the spine poetry and nonnet are excellent starting points for all writers. They provide a scaffold and level the playing field. Your students will sure to have success on their first day. I liked your nonnet, too. If I were to revise anything, it would just be that last word. It’s amazing how powerful a one syllable word can be.

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  3. SOOO exciting to get to work with kids IN the library again! Book spines will be fun for them; nonets (depending on the kids of course) could be trickier. You got such nice rhythm and near rhyme in those first four lines.

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    1. Thank you Heidi. I think my students are avid, engaged, and talented writers from what I’ve been told, so I’ll see how it goes with the nonets! I also appreciate your feedback on my own writing.


  4. Wishing you a great time with your students, Carol. I have forgotten about book spine poetry & it is fun. This time, it’s perfect for your cabin. This Tender Land is a favorite recent book read. I love seeing it there. And your other poem soothes, lovely for that cabin time.

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