Slice of Life: A Few Weird Days

It’s Tuesday. I had to remind myself of that when I woke up. It was dark and I heard rumblings in the distance. My husband was already gone with the dog for their daily walk. Knowing I did not have any morning commitments, I got up and ate. Slowly, I started to wonder what I’d write about today. I know I have editing to do on the poem compilations I’m working on. I have data entry to do on the State Natural Area that I am monitoring for monarchs. I have new sewing projects to pursue and more jewelry to make. I won’t want for things to do, I just hope I can do them. Here’s why:

The past few days have been weird.

Saturday started with rain. It cleared and we went blueberry picking. I wrote about that yesterday; it is a true Slice of Life piece, if you are interested. I started a sewing project and did some writing. I also cared for the monarchs I am raising.

Sunday was our 34th wedding anniversary! We started the day by going out to breakfast. We went to a place we commonly go to and the food was as tasty as always. Since we had a big breakfast, we thought we’d skip lunch and go out to dinner. But, by noon, I discovered the place we had planned to go this year had changed things up on their menu and was just serving pizzas and soups for their dinner hour. I didn’t want that. I searched for another place. Many places here are closed or close early on Sundays now. Huh? I guess it’s an expected result of post pandemic economics. So, I told my husband we should wait until the end of the week and go to a restaurant near our cabin for a fish fry (the quintessential Friday night dinner in Wisconsin). He agreed.

But, by mid-afternoon on Sunday, I was sick! Nothing major, just queasy and blah. Essentially, I felt like I had been hit by a Mac truck! I wondered if I had food poisoning, but nothing happened other than the sudden onset, nausea, and stomach cramps. After napping, a dinner of chicken noodle soup and crackers satisfied me. A night on the couch followed, watching the Olympics. Happy Anniversary, honey!

Yesterday, the ill-feeling continued but seemed to be improving. I worked on the new sewing project I mentioned above and did some, not much, weeding. It was a slowwwwww Monday. All I wanted was comfort food, so I made pan of mac and cheese for dinner. It hit the spot! I spent time after dinner reading and watching Olympic highlights.

It’s no wonder that by this morning, I had to remind myself of what day it was, as I haven’t been doing much that would tell me. It did start to rain, shortly after I heard the thunder this morning. All I could think of when I looked out on the yard, was that the earth was being fed.

Hmmm, I feel a poem in that thought…the earth is being fed by rain.
Maybe, it will be a normal day, after all.

4 thoughts

  1. Carol, I’m wishing you and your husband a Happy Anniversary, but I’m also wishing you were feeling better for it. I’m glad you were in a state to end this slice on a more-positive note! That is a beautiful idea for a poem. {smile}

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    1. Thanks, Tim! I started feeling better yesterday and am doing well currently. I surveyed a State Natural Area for monarchs this morning, walked with a friend this afternoon, and basically had a fairly normal day. I think it’s past. Everyday is an anniversary – we’ve never made a big deal of them, so I’m good with waiting for our fish fry Friday! Thanks for the good wishes!


  2. I hope you are feeling better. Any time someone feels unwell now, I instantly think Covid. :/ At least after 34 years, an anniversary can be just as enjoyable at home as it is out. And yes, the earth is being fed by rain as witnessed by the monarchs. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It is the first thing I think of too, now! And, we went to the Rotary Service Auction on Thursday night…I was hugging people and then didn’t feel well! I was most upset about that! I really think it was something I ate! And, you are absolutely right about the anniversary.

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