For Your Listening Pleasure

Typically, we are quiet people. Rarely is there a television on in our home before 8 p.m. and only occasionally is there music playing. I like the quiet, but I do like the sounds of nature. Recently, we’ve been cooler in the midwest. This is especially true of the temperatures at our cabin this past weekend. The mornings started out cool and our days hovered around 66 degrees. It was comfortable. Our windows were wide open and we could here the song birds, loons, and rustling of the leaves in the woods.

But, Sunday morning we were doing our pre-leaving cleaning and I decided to play some albums I had sitting upstairs. We’ve heard baseball games and 80’s rock music from our neighbors – especially over the July 4th weekend when it was hard not to listen to something coming from their homes or lots or over the lake water, where sound is amplified.

We grin and bear this. It’s part of being neighbors. Luckily, our homes are not on top of each other and there are woods in between each lot to act as a buffer, but still – we can hear their choice of music or sports, if it is played loud enough or if it especially quiet in the evening.

Sunday, our neighbors might have had to listen to my choice of music – The Partridge Family! I have two albums that I owned as a ten year old pre-teen that are still in my musical arsenal. Every so often, as happened Sunday, I get the urge to play them! So, as my husband cleaned windows (inside and out) and I made up fresh beds and dusted, David Cassidy bleared from the upstairs loft of our timber frame cabin.

My Partridge Family Albums from the 1970s. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021.

I was not shocked that the words came right back to me. I sang loudly and danced around to classics such as “I’ll meet you halfway” and “I think I love you.” I have very fond memories of this music. The harmonies and lyrics are easy to hear and understand, as well as easy to remember and sing. I enjoyed it all very much. We listened to one complete album and one side of the other before I turned to another LP I have, The Alan Parsons Project’s Turn of a Friendly Card. I had moved on to some 80s music I own.

A fake family band and synthesized music for my Sunday morning, provided listening pleasure (maybe) for all those at the end of our road at the cabin, including our neighbors.

Every good musical turn deserves another!

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