Saturday: Super Shorts

Rarely, you will find a super short post on my blog. It’s just not me – I like words and information and explanations – general verbosity.

But, today’s post will be super short – insomnia has returned to my bed, as I ruminate about the larger things in life – friendship, sustenance, honesty, integrity, aging parents, health, house projects, and more. My mind was churning last night with all of it. It was after three o’clock in the morning that I was able to settle down. Thus, this morning my energy is low.

Former jobs and their decision makers have been on the minds of both my husband and I. Both of us need to leave work behind – me, more so than him. He can joke about it and not care; I’m not there yet. I’m still defensive. Very defensive. I need to leave it behind and be done. I am hoping that writing this will help

There are so many jobs and so many people not working. Hard work counts, even if it isn’t recognized, it counts.

There are so many people asking for things…live below your means and work hard. That’s been our secret. Ask others for very little, only when you absolutely need to ask. Hopefully, help will come when you need it most.

Be honest with people. If a job cannot be done – say it. Don’t do it half-assed and then defend it.

Have integrity. Do the right thing even though no one is looking. Do it because no one is looking. Be a good person for your own sake – not so you can brag about it.

Basically, I am doubting humanity right now. And, I’m trying to wrap my head around it.

Have a good Labor Day Weekend. Stay safe. Make smart choices for humanity, not just yourself.

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