Case Comparison: A Free Verse Poem

Football stadiums are full.

Colleges, Big Ten, Big Twelve, and Otherwise.

Pro teams large and small,

Now fill their seats like

Nothing can fall.

But, there’s a virus in our midst.

High school sports are playing, too.

Parents, friends, and fans lined up to fill

The buildings and gyms to the walls,

Like nothing is wrong. Nothing at all.

Yet, there’s a virus in our midst.

Concerts go on as planned.

As they should, if athletes can play

So musicians can too. Music is welcome.

But, are we chancing bedlam?

There’s a virus in our midst.

COVID case numbers high and growing,

Mask wearing debated as schools

Welcome back staff and students.

We are face to face, again.

But, there’s a virus in our midst.

Weary doctors and nurses,

Overrun hospitals, out of beds,

Illness and Death for some.

Recovery for others.

This is the virus in our midst.

Draft, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

I wonder about humanity and selfishness. We never seem to learn to care for others as much as we care for ourselves. Society means living together and getting along, sometimes making decisions and taking actions for the greater good; it does not mean the rights one person has are more important than those of others. Vaccinate, wear a mask, and, make smart choices based on science, not rhetoric. These are just some thoughts for today.

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for your poetic treatment of the situation, Carol. I wonder about our collective concern for the “greater good” and fear it is lacking. I like your Lego illustration with this post — cool!

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