Poetry Friday: A Poem of Peace and Comfort

My post today is much shorter than usual due to some life events (not COVID related) that are happening in my immediate family. I did write a longer blog on insomnia, yesterday, if you are interested the link is at the bottom of this post. But, today, I offer a poem I wrote while I seek comfort for our family. Words always help me in times of worry, and today is no different.

I Wish You Peace and Comfort

Peace can be found sitting in your chair,

While comfort abounds from the tea I sip there.

A Wednesday night Fish Fry,

brings about warm memories to try.

While reminiscing brings a tear to my eye.

causing me to expel a large sigh.

Carefully holding hope in my cup,

I sit with your plants while the light sends them up.

The light in your eyes last morning now dim,

Your shock in seeing me caused my emotions to brim.

I’ve been here for days, I tell you now,

just sitting to keep you company, the best way I know how.

I brush your hair away from your face,

seeing the tension slide away, a gift of grace.

Not knowing what’s ahead is the hardest of all,

Peace and comfort for you, is now what I call.

I Love You, Mom.

© Draft, Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

Today is Poetry Friday. Today’s host is Denise at Dare to Care. Denise has become a friend of mine through the Poetry Friday experience. She has helped me to grow as a writer and I appreciate the time she’s spent communicating with me about poetry! Thanks for hosting today Denise!

18 thoughts

  1. Oh, Carol, thank you for your kind words. I am happy to be hosting. What a poem, Carol. All the intimate details shared about you and your mom sitting together these days is heart wrenching, bringing me back to my last visit with my mom. You patiently sipping tea and finding hope, this gesture: “I brush your hair away from your face” — yes, truly “a gift of grace.” And may “peace and comfort” come to her and your whole family, as well.

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    1. Thanks, Denise. I appreciate your support and kind words about my post. Part of why I shared some of the intimate details about visiting with my mom is because I thought it would be relatable for many (unfortunately). Hugs!


  2. Peace to you, my virtual friend. Sounds like you are caring for your mother at the end of her life. This is good and necessary, important and full of grace.

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    1. Margaret, Thank you so much. I appreciate your kinds words and virtual friendship. There have been some very precious moments in the last few weeks – ones I will cherish. As you said, it is good, necessary, and important. I am trying to remember to give myself some grace.

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  3. I am sorry for the events that have made the sadness you have shared in your poem, Carol. Your words show the emotions beautifully. Wishing you better days, of love surrounding you and peace without worry.


  4. I’m sorry for the tough times. I find so much truth in this: “Not knowing what’s ahead is the hardest of all,” Keep well, do your best. It’s all you can do.

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  5. I’m so sorry to hear you and your family are going through such a difficult time. I’m glad you’ve been able to find some comfort in poetry. This line is beautiful: “Carefully holding hope in my cup,”. Wishing you all strength and comfort.

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    1. Elisabeth, Thank you for your support. I am glad you liked the line about hope in a cup. I often receive comfort from a warm cup of tea, held between my hands. Hot tea is a drink that both my mom and I enjoy – another connection to her in this poem.

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