Poetry Friday: Inspiration

Primarily, my inspiration for creating jewelry or poetry comes from three places. Color, travel, and nature are my biggest influences when I create with beads or words. I have just recently returned from an 11 day trip to some of our National Parks, including Arches, the Grand Canyon, Saguaro, and the Petrified Forest. What better inspiration than the beauty and grandeur of the lands that have been preserved for us to enjoy and explore? I can think of only a few other places that would provide a such a deep muse to my creative spirit.

By going to these parks, as well as the Red Rock area of Sedona, I am able to reach and utilize all of my primary inspirations: color, nature, and travel. But, one must also have time to write. I did not take that time, other than posting to my blog periodically during our trip. Upon reviewing my memories, as well as my photography (another hobby), I am sure I’ll feel the creative urge to play with words again soon.

However, I am slowly starting to include other sources of inspiration in my writing life. I took a new book on our trip that includes poetry by Emily Dickinson. It is pictured below.

Within this book are Dickinson’s poems – many of which are inspired by observing nature. I am enjoying the newfound exposure to Dickinson’s work because she drew on many of the same naturally occurring things that I draw upon. For example, the poem “The Butterfly’s Day” recounts some of Dickinson’s observations that I also have made in watching the iconic monarch.

Here is an excerpt from Dickinson’s poem:

“Her pretty parasol was seen

Contracting in a field

Where men made hay, then struggle hard

With an opposing cloud.”

by Emily Dickinson, 1896

I was hoping to see some monarchs in Arizona since they are still migrating through the southern United States. I even took my monarch tags with us on our adventure. Instead, we saw a few small butterflies in Saguaro National Park that were nectaring (feeding) on small purple desert flowers still in bloom. They were a beautiful reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the food we all need for our bodies as well as our souls.

Summer Monarch, © Carol Labuzzetta, 20217

Perhaps, I have an inspirational start to the first poem gleaned from my trip. Time will tell.

What are your inspirations for poetry? Please leave a comment! I’d love to know!

Today is Poetry Friday! Our host today is Linda Baie from the blog Teacher Dance. She is offering some festive Halloween poem inspirations. Thank you, Linda!

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  1. Love seeing the book, Carol, & hearing about your trip which sounds awesome. I think my inspiration comes from nature, too, but people & their actions as well. I am a watcher! Thanks for sharing yours!

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  2. You write of a vital part of poetry that we seldom give much credit to…the receiving of information, inspiration. I love the look of that sketchbook. And, I so look forward to how this trip, these images, and your thoughts transform into writings. How very mindful and thoughtful of you to share.

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    1. Thanks, LInda! I have started to resume a routine at home and plan to focus more on my non-blog writing over the coming weeks. I am glad you could relate to my post. I think a lot about where my inspiration comes from.


  3. What a cool book that looks like! Nature, interesting photos, and overheard or read snippets of words/language that just catch my fancy. Those are pry my biggest inspirations. Also, having a deep or complicated thought and wondering if I could make a poem of it–I rarely can.

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