Saturday Crafting Jobs

Today, I have a list of things I need to do. I need to sew some more market bags I’ve been working on for the last few months. My sister-in-law ordered five and now that she has them, I am replenishing my available stock for gifts. I’ve found them to be a fun and relatively quick project.

I need to post some new pieces of jewelry to my Etsy shop. My stock became low this fall, so I shipped most of what I had left to the gift shop in McGregor, Iowa, about 70 miles southwest of where I live. This replenished my inventory there but now my Etsy shop is low. This is not a great time to be low on pieces with the holiday shopping season already upon us. My consolation is that last month was very successful for consignment sales at McGregor. I sent some very nice and unique pieces, so I am hoping for another great month when I receive my November sales report.

I need to do some non-blog writing. I am working on several projects that will not be completed on their own, so I’ve got to sit down and work on them. One is formatting a book and that is an arduous task, at best. I also had an idea for a “how-to” book that I want to flush out the details for on paper.

With all these projects, I need to get to them. Therefore, this is my post for today. Enjoy the photos of some of the finished pieces. If you have an interest in any of them, you can view more of the details in my Etsy shop at Carol’s Jewelry Orchard. Or, you can message me here in the comments!

Aside from the market bags, for which I use a pattern, the jewelry designs are all my own.

© Carol Labuzzetta/Carol’s Jewelry Orchard

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