Cabin Sweet Cabin

A trip to our cabin is on the agenda for December. It’s been too long since we’ve visited – almost two months. My husband had an awful illness – we are not sure what it was for he tested negative for COVID. We know a negative test doesn’t rule it out. But, it lasted well over three weeks. He still tires easily. I’m glad that we are in a time of year when life slows down as far as outdoor work like grass cutting, trimming, and gardening require a great deal of time and energy. He can rest more without doing those chores. Thankfully, we’ve had some very good friends check on him and help us accomplish some final fall tasks that needed to be done, especially on the driveway leading to our prairie remnant. I feel so fortunate to have those people in our life.

Although there’s always a project or two waiting at the cabin, both of us seem to be able to decompress better there. This year we put in a second full bathroom. My husband is very handy (he has an engineering background) and does all the work himself. It’s coming along. We had a date night for the first time in a month and after dinner we went to Menards to buy a toilet. Romantic, huh?! Such as it was many years ago when we had sitters for our boys and invariably would end up in the home improvement store or the bookstore after our dinner out. You could say that I’m not very high maintenance!

We did buy a toilet that will match the pedestal sink we bought months ago. The shower is tiled and complete with the exception of the glass door. We’ve scoped out the door but did not bring it with us on this trip. My husband thought he had enough to do with installing the sink and toilet as well as doing the trim work on the walls and floor.

Our cabin is a timber frame, but in the basement, where this second bathroom is, you cannot see any timbers. I decided to go for a nautical look with white and accents of blue, yellow, and red. It is coming together well. I just have to remember what online site I saw that nautical canvas of signal flags I wanted for wall decoration. I think it was Wayfair.

Historically, I am a slow decorator. Instead of rushing out and buying pieces just to complete the job, I wait until I find the piece that really fits and/or that I really want! I’ve learned that it’s okay to be this way and I don’t have to complete my decorating just to please others.

The cabin awaits us. It will have jobs to complete. Books to finish and meals to relax over.

We are grateful we have this place to escape to when we need it. It’s always there, waiting for our loving return.

© 2020

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