Today is my 1600th blog post! Wow!

Today, I also find myself bereft of topics to write about. I’ve visited prompt pages, looked in my draft folder, and read some other blogs. Meh. Nothing stirs me.

Lately, I’ve felt that I am forcing my writing. Not all of it. But, certainly, some of it. I’ve had a few posts be much more popular than I anticipated when I wrote them. In those posts, I spoke my mind.

But, I’m tired of arguing. I’m tired of playing devil’s advocate. I’m tired of overthinking. I’m just tired.

Today is my 1600th blog post. I should be writing something more substantial I tell myself. Then, I think, why? Who is pressuring me but myself?

I have some projects lined up. I could start on those. However, my motivation is low for writing right now. I’m not sure what’s affected it but something has. Is it the rejection I received the other day? I don’t think so. I expected that. Is it a lack of time for writing? No, I have plenty of time. I’m not sure what it is. I just feel like I am forcing it – forcing the process, forcing ideas, forcing myself forward, forcing the words to flow. Maybe, it’s the time of year. Maybe…

Today, I feel like I’m in a Seinfeld episode – writing about nothing.

Today is my 1600th blog post since February 23rd, 2017.

I’ve done a lot of writing.

Maybe I need a little break.

2 thoughts

  1. I have ALL the feelings while reading your post. Not the least of which is…this milestone. 1600. First of all, that IS amazing. But you have me thinking about the pressures we put on ourselves just because certain occasions fall along with favored numbers or dates on the calendar.
    I say, write stuff you love when you’re inspired. And write stuff you don’t love sometimes because that’s what happens. What I WILL tell you is that your post got me thinking today. So…thank you. =))

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