Poetry Friday & New Year’s Eve Editing

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope everyone reading this post has a safe, joyous, and healthy new year!

We are at our cabin and I’m editing three essays I wrote, cutting and cutting words to make the delineated amount allowed. I hope to have something to submit by the end of the day! Fortunately, it’s a good day to do it because it is cold out, 25 degrees F. and due to snow later. Sitting at the table, with the fire going, is the most pleasant spot I can find to edit.

Our cozy cabin is perfect for editing. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021.

It’s Friday and that means it’s Poetry Friday. Last night I perused my bookshelves at the cabin. There I found a much-loved copy of Maurice Sendak’s Alligators All Around. It gave me an idea. What if I did a holiday alphabet using some alliteration? I gave it a shot.

Holiday Sights and Sounds (Sendak Style)

A – Allspice and Applies

B – Belfry Bells Blaring

C – Carolers Caroling with Candles

D – Douglas Firs Dancing in Derechos

E – Emerging Eminent Epiphany

F – Fantastic Food Feasts

G – Glorious Glorias

H – Handels Holy Hallelujah’s

I – Icicles and Ice Cream

J – Jesu, Joy

K – Kris Kringle’s Kart

L – Labors of Love and Light

M – Merry Making Music

N – Naughty or Nice

O – Omniscient One

P – Peaceful Prayers

Q – Quarter-sized Quartz Countdowns

R – Raucous Revelry Rejoicing

S – Santa’s Sleight Sliding in the Snow

T – Toy Trains on Tracks Under Trees

U – Unexpected Gifts

V – Virtual Visitations

W – Windows of Winter Wonderlands

X – Xtra Long Hugs

Y – Yards of Yumminess

Z – Zigging, and Zagging towards the Zenith

Draft, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

Beloved Book by Maurice Sendak.

More than the book by Maurice Sendak, when my boys were young, we loved its rendition in Really Rosie (1975), a musical using Sendak’s work as sung by Carole King. The minute I saw the book, the song started flooding my brain. If you are a parent, grandparent, or teacher of young children, you need to check out Really Rosie! The lyrics, music, and sung story are truly catchy. I was honored to be inspired by this beloved work.

Today is Poetry Friday. Our Host is Carol at Carol’s Corner. Thank you for hosting, Carol!

8 thoughts

  1. Ha! Wonderful abecedarian. I always skip ahead to see how how a poet handled Q and X. LOL. Just the thought of dealing with those letters makes me anxious when trying this form. I love the photo of your cozy cablin. It’s beautiful and yes, looks perfect for editing. I want to be there! Happy New Year to you! I wish you lots of words and the time to write them.


  2. Alphabetics are some of my favorite poems to write, but they usually take me a very long time. I can’t believe you wrote one in a day! You capture the season perfectly. Enjoy your time at your cabin!


  3. Oh this is fun! And Tapestry was one of the main albums of my childhood, as my big sisters loved it and played it endlessly. I love the Xtra long hugs. So great to get at least some of our holiday traditions back this year. Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Laura! Did you see the Carole King Musical, Beautiful? It was great! I went with my son down to Ames, Iowa and saw it there – a wonderful night of music (before the pandemic). Happy New Year to you too!


  4. Hi Carol, Ah I just tried one of my first abcedarian type poem this weekend!!! I had some interesting twists on x and z especially. It was a challenge and I admire your design and choices.I like Kris Kringle’s Kart and Labors of Love and Light especially.


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