Travel Favorites

Today, I have a question. What do you consider the best place you’ve ever traveled to and why?

This question was inspired by the most recent season of The Amazing Race, which I happen to be watching now.

As I typed the question, I realized that I might actually have trouble answering the question I posed to you, dear reader.

I’ve been fortunate to travel to many beautiful places. My first out-of-country travel, other than to Canada, was to Bermuda in 1987. It was our honeymoon trip. Then, in 1994, we went to Mexico with friends. Trips to Florida followed as we had young children. As a family, we’ve traveled to Toronto, Niagara Falls, San Diego, Bermuda (again), Banff, and Hawaii, including Maui and Kauai.

Trips to Williamsburg, Virginia, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C, were also part of our family life.

My husband and I have been to Santa Fe and White Sands National Park in New Mexico. We have been to multiple National Parks including The Grand Canyon, Arches, Petrified Forest, Saguaro, the Everglades, and more. I’ve been to Joshua Tree and the Great Smokey Mountains. We’ve been to Haleakala twice and have plans to go again.

White Sands National Park, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020

Besides Bermuda, Canada, and Mexico, international travel includes The Netherlands for me and Germany for my husband. Oh, and I’ve been to Japan (1982), although that seems like another life, it was so long ago.

Windmill in The Netherlands © Carol Labuzzetta, 2016.

If I were hard-pressed to pick a favorite place, it would be extremely hard. I love all the places I’ve traveled to. But, I probably love Bermuda the best because of the sentimental memories it holds. Banff, Maui, and Kauai are all beautiful and high on my list. And, our newer visits to national parks also bring Arches, Saguaro, and White Sands high on my list of favorite places. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention The Netherlands. I must get back there someday.

So, I know I’m asking a difficult question when I ask, what is your most favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

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