Goals for the New Year

I’ve given some thought to my goals for the new year. At this point, my OLW is still being decided upon but I am considering a word that many will feel that they can either relate to it or feel that it is not enough to push towards. Those in the second lot may not know me very well.

I’m always pushing, learning, moving forward, and trying to be a more knowledgable, more accomplished, and well-rounded person. I have many interests that keep me learning new things. Our 2020 summer trip to Italy never took place due to the pandemic, so my push to learn Italian turned stale. I was doing well on Duolingo but once we decided we could not go overseas, I lost interest in learning. But, we have a desire to still go to Europe and Italy, given my husband’s heritage, is a definite must for us.

Goal #1:

Restart my self-learning Italian lessons. At my son’s suggestion, I checked out the Pimsleur method of language learning. He is in Italy now with his aunt. He used this method to prepare to converse with those who are fluent in Italian and live in Italy. When asked his opinion, he said that the Pimsleur method was very good preparation for travel. I tried one online lesson (free) and felt it would really help me to speak more authentically. However, fearing I would lose what I learned without an opportunity to practice, I think I will return to the Duolingo method until we have a trip on the horizon and then switch to the daily 30 minute speaking lessons that the Pimsleur method advocates.

Goal #2:

I want to continue to work towards being published. I met my goal of having a poem published in 2021. It was a wonderful experience that offered some handholding and guidance by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell of Pomelo Books. But, I feel like I want that to be only the tip of the iceberg for me and publishing my work. I continue to read a lot, learn, and stretch my bravery as I submit to publishers and editors of various literary contests and calls for submissions.

In the last two weeks, I submitted an ekphrastic poem, an essay, and a chapbook of poetry. I feel like I know more than last year and have more confidence in looking for calls to submit and working towards completion in order to hit the button by the due date.

I plan to self-publish my first book later this year. I am working regularly towards that goal.

Goal #3:

Since I am an environmental educator, I hope to have some more opportunities to continue offering community enrichment on select environmental topics. So far, I have two engagements lined up. I hope for more to come available as we move towards nicer weather and it is more comfortable to be outside.

Goal #4:

A personal goal is to reduce, recycle, repurpose and live more simply. My husband and I are trying hard to clean out our home in preparation for moving later this year. It is harder than it sounds but we both have been able to say keep or pitch. He’s made numerous trips to goodwill, the reuse it stores, and a local establishment that takes used household items. We have much more “stuff” than we need, so our aim is to purge as much of it as we can.

Goal #5:

Travel. This will be a goal for some years to come. Even though we are living through a pandemic, I think, within reason, people have to continue to live, especially when so many have chosen to not take precautions anyway. We are both vaccinated and boostered. We are both wearing masks despite our immunized status. We follow the guidelines for travel and try to do it as safely as possible. As a subgoal, I am going to resist keeping my blog up on our upcoming vacation. In other words, I will take a break for ten days. I think it’s okay. Hopefully, my faithful readers will bear with me during that time and understand that everyone needs a break.

Goal #6:

I will watch what I eat and cut back when I need to. My husband has asked that I increase my exercise and I will attempt to do that. He has offered to adjust his morning walk with the dog so that I can go with them. They are both earlier risers than I and know that I need some time in the morning to adjust to being awake and conversant. Since we’ve had below zero temperatures recently, we have not put this into practice yet.

The Future

I have some other goals, too, but have not yet formulated them in such a way that I can share. I want to be sure that I allow for spontaneity and joyful days ahead. Life cannot always be so serious! (That’s growth for me, folks!)

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