Vintage Sales

If you’ve read recent posts, you know my husband and I have been cleaning out. This week was productive as we took a whole carload of stuff over to our local reuse-it store. I also have a tote ready to go to the consignment store where I occasionally take gently used household items or knick-knacks or decor that I no longer need or desire. The consignment store was not open for dropping things off this week, so my items have to wait until the end of the month. But, the important thing was that we made progress in clearing out.

When I put Christmas decorations away, I found a plastic bag full of vintage candles from the 1950s. These were gifted to us by one of the first set of neighbors that we had when we lived in our first house in the 1990s outside of Buffalo, New York. Our street was lovely and some of the homes, including two directly across the street from us, had elderly occupants – couples that had lived there for many years of long marriages.

The Arms, one of the couples, called us over after Christmas one year and wanted to know if we would like some holiday candle figurines. I said sure, not knowing exactly what I would be getting. The photo below shows what was in the bag, now, and all those years ago.

There were sixteen candles in all, trees, snowmen, mice, a yule log, and a street light. The candles (except the large snowmen) were from a company named the Gurley Novelty Company, in Buffalo, New York, and were produced in the 1950s. The Arms were in their 90’s when they gave them to us in the 1990s when we lived in this North Buffalo neighborhood. Many more years have passed.

We’ve held onto those candles all these years, through moving to Wisconsin and from one house to another here. I have not put them out as decorations in years. Thus, when I came across them when cleaning out, I wondered if we could sell them. I really never developed any sentimental attachment to them.

I made an eBay listing and priced them reasonably for the whole lot. Seven days later the candles sold and they are now on their way to California! It was a fun experience and I’ll look for more items I can list as I continue to purge and simplify. Currently, I’m working on researching the value of some vintage AVON jewelry. These pieces have a little more sentimental value as they were owned by my grandmother, but I’ve learned that I really have no use for them. They are much bigger and more sparkly than what I tend to wear as jewelry.

Cleaning out is hard work and can be emotionally difficult as well. But, when you can sell something when there is no pressure to sell, I learned that it also can be fun!

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