Repost #2: Links to Have You Ever posts?

My blog today features a previous post from the summer of 2019 when I worked as the Outreach and Education Manager for a local land trust and had to organize more than a dozen experiences for our members and community participants. One of the most memorable was a tour of some caves in Southwestern Wisconsin that also serve as a hibernation habitat for three species of bats. Bats are extremely important to our ecosystems, as they control insects and pollinate flowering plants, allowing for the reproduction of those plants. The caves impressed me beyond measure and I still fondly remember them now, over two years later. I hope you enjoy this post and the links to some other Have You Ever themed posts.

I am reposting old blogs this week as I am on vacation and will return to posting new blogs after January 27th. Thanks!

2 thoughts

  1. Growing up in Missouri, I HAVE ever! There are lots of caves in my state, and I’ve always found them fascinating. I enjoyed going back to your old entry. Thanks for this post!

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