Repost: Outliers and the Gifted

Today, I am offering a repost of a very early post I made when my blog started in 2017. Long an advocate for the gifted student population, the well-being of this unique subset of children, adolescents, and adults, is often on my mind.

Still, today, despite my sons having graduated from their K-12 education, I still voraciously read articles about giftedness. It is a way of being, not just intellectual prowess. The gifted are often very misunderstood. I’ve experienced this with each of my sons, as well as with direct regards myself. I am an intense individual who notices everything and forgets little. Creativity also plays a huge role for many gifted people, including those in my family. Music, art, inventiveness, and self-directed learning are all aspects that we have experienced.

I know I’ve been misunderstood in both work and volunteer situations due to my intensity and dedication to the tasks at hand. I’ve received both support and disregard depending on those involved and the situation.

Over time and with maturity, I’ve learned to embrace who I am – a gifted adult. It doesn’t matter that I’m not understood by others, as long as I understand myself. But, it still stings when I see this population of students suffer from a lack of support or attention.

I hope you enjoy this “old” post.

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