Is this the Start of a Busy Season?

Could February be the start of our busy season? Maybe!

Today we took the first step towards a big move! We had a real estate agent come and appraise our home. We’ve lived here since 2007 making a move within our town from a suburban subdivision lot to a larger, 3.25-acre lot on the edge of town. Our oldest son was in middle school at the time and the location was great for the entire family. We were very close to town, but felt like were we more rural, surrounded by farmland. The elementary school where our two youngest boys went was a mere quarter of a mile up the road. It was an ideal location. We bought the house the night before it hit the market, being lucky to see it just before the listing came out. The view of the coulee out the living room window sold me on the place even as we entered. We placed an offer (what the sellers asked) and it was accepted.

Our house has seen a ton of improvements. My husband is handy and he’s done almost all of the work, including residing the house with an LP smart side product in 2017. We’ve completely redone the main bathroom with glass tile and refurbished another bath downstairs with high-grade flooring. These are just a few of the improvements. Everything has been maintained or upgraded in the fourteen-plus years we’ve lived here.

Our yard has extensive perennial beds, monarch butterfly habitat, and a home fruit orchard of apples, cherries, pears, and blueberries. We’ve put in many flower gardens, and bordered them all with stone or brick or built-in retaining walls. The trees we’ve planted have had a chance to mature and provide not only beauty but shade, as well.

Despite all the improvements we have no real idea of what our house is worth on the market today. We will find out soon. It was a big day.

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