Silent Sunday: Monarchs on My Mind

Today is Silent Sunday. It is the one day of the week I only post my own photos (no text) on a theme of my own choosing. There is no permission to duplicate in any form without my express permission. Thank you!

4 thoughts

  1. Beautiful photos! I love monarchs; I love all butterflies. Last summer I had less monarchs, but I took photos of three caterpillars. It was nice to see so many monarchs in my garden this summer, but I didn’t find eggs or a caterpillar. Took lots of photos. Sure, wish I had a macro lens, though. Most of my flowers are for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Golden finches love eating the seeds in the winter, especially the purple coneflower seeds.

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    1. Thank you! Monarch conservation has been a passion of mine since 2004. I have literally 1000’s of photos of various stages of their life cycle. I like swallowtails and karner blue butterflies as well. Like you, I have lots of pollinators plants for hummers and bees, too. I love gold finches! Thanks!


      1. I think tiger swallowtails are my favorite butterfly and I like Karner blue butterflies. Have you ever been to the Butterfly World in Fort Lauderdale, FL? When my parents lived in FL Craig, my husband, our two girls, and me went to Butterfly World; It was amazing! We saw blue morpho butterflies, another favorite of mine and so many more beautiful butterflies! They also had all kinds of hummingbirds and some other birds, and of course gorgeous flowers and flowering bushes!

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      2. I’ve never been to Butterfly World in Ft. Launderdale. I have frequented butterfly pavillions in other places, however. The Strong Museum in Rochester NY has a great Butterfly Conservatory as does Reiman Gardens in Iowa. We usually try to make a stop at such a place on our travels. It’s been quite some time since we were in Florida.


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