Slice of Life Tuesday: Now Creating…

I thought that I’d start a new series for my regular blog readers. My Silent Sunday series and Foodie Monday series have done quite well, garnering a nice following and response. In our house, we are always creating. Both my husband and I have creative hobbies, and while my writing has overtaken some of my other creative hobbies, I still pursue them. They are sewing, jewelry making, and photography.

My husband is a woodworker. He’s made housefuls of handcrafted furniture over the years, filling not only our house but some homes of others. His pieces are beautiful, made from solid wood, which in today’s furniture world is a rarity. I have oak, cherry, maple, and ash pieces all that he’s made for our home. For the last 15 years, his creations have come out of our barn – a steel building made specifically to house his woodworking equipment.

Inside of tornado twisted segmented bowl. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

Since we are downsizing, he is applying his skill to smaller projects – segmented wooden bowls. We saw some of these while visiting Santa Fe in 2020, just before the pandemic started. He had just made his first set (see photos). Now, he is working on some for a wedding present – our son’s former roommate is getting married in April and our son is a groomsman for the wedding. The roommate saw the bowls when visiting our home last year and gushed over them.

The other new part of this creative venture is that husband is working with a friend to make the bowls. My husband is making the ringed segments by designing them and gluing them up and our friend, also a woodworker but 20 years our junior, is going to do the turning on his lathe. The turning is hard on my husband’s hands and wrists,

I’m not sure what my husband will do once he does not have his woodshop. Time will tell. But, for now, he’s really enjoying the practice of alchemy, creating beautiful bowls from wood.

Today is Slice of Life (SOL) Tuesday. created and host this weekly forum as well as a month-long writing challenge during the month of March each year. For the last five years, I participated in the daily writing challenge for SOL. This year, I’m just popping in on Tuesdays. I continue to blog every day, so feel free to pop over to my page anytime! Thanks!

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  1. These are SPECTACULAR. So much love and craftsmanship that goes into all of these. It’s one more indication of how important it is to find things we love to do and use it to put beauty into the world. Thank you for this post.

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