On Break

Thanks for stopping by The Apples in My Orchard!

I am taking a week’s break from writing on my blog (well, with this exception)!

I hope to recharge and refresh myself during this week.

Rest assured, there are other things I am writing and will share those when and if the time comes.

I want to thank those who read my blog consistently and regularly comment…

You know who you are!

Somehow I’ve veered off the track and became more concerned with who is commenting or who is not commenting on my blog. Although networking is important, it is not my reason for writing every day. The goal of my break is to get myself back on track of writing authentically of my daily experience and maybe share some great stories or poems along the way.

I’m finding the writing world is a tough one and often feel on the fringe due to its fickleness. The only way to fix those feelings, in my opinion, is to stay true to myself and not write because I am told to do so, but because I want to. Writing is a highly subjective activity. It can be lonely. But, words are not silent, even though no response is. I refuse to be canceled or shunned. My words will continue to flow.

Thanks, again for stopping by. My blog will return on Sunday, 3/20/22.

Maui. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022.

8 thoughts

  1. Carol, I completely agree with you that you need to stay true to yourself and write because you want to write-not because someone told you, you had to write. That’s horrible that someone would tell you, you had to write on your blog. It’s your blog, you put the time and energy into it so you should definitely write what you want to write about. Enjoy your break! Rejuvenate and refresh. You just overcame an illness, too; do something for you. Or do nothing. Or go for a walk and just take in nature. Nature always rejuvenates me. Actually, that’s what I need to do. Our youngest daughter came home for a visit and while she was out with a friend today, I was going to go for a walk, but I fell asleep with one of my cats, instead. Enjoy. 🙂

    PS I love your photo of Maui. My husband and I went to Maui on our honeymoon; gosh, it will be 28 years ago, this July. We loved it.

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    1. Gail, thank you for your kind comments. I am sorry that I did not reply during my “break” (when I received your response). No one told me to write on my blog – it was that I was writing daily and getting very, very little response from others – even from groups to which I belong for blogging. I try to do “my part” and post comments to others but sometimes do not enjoy the same favor from others. This is what got me upset. By taking a break, I was stepping away from that pressure – to post a response and/or blog and expect a response. The break did a good job – I will continue to write but try not to be caught up on what kind of response I get (this will be hard for me). But, I know people are busy and can choose who they respond to. I will not do again what upset me and that was looking at how many responses other blog posts were getting in the groups to which I belong (many more than mine). I will stay true to myself and that might mean looking for other types of feedback, less dependant on blogging groups.

      I did rejuvenate and spent time in nature and doing yard work (I am an avid gardener). I also had a great visit with my oldest son (27) and his cat last week – I really enjoy his wisdom as a young adult and the adulations of the cat!

      Thanks, again, Gail for your words of support and kindness. They were appreciated beyond measure!


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