This first post today will be short. It is Thursday and that means Poetry Friday postings start as early as this afternoon to accommodate those living overseas. Although I am not hosting Poetry Friday this week, tomorrow is my turn to host the 2022 KidLit Progressive Poem, I need to have something ready to go for that post on the early side tonight.

In the last twenty-four hours, I’ve researched a number of topics. These topics include:

  1. The history of sanitoriums in Western New York. We used to pass an institution when I was a child, just south of Rochester New York in the Mt. Morris area of Livingston County. I came across several – one being Murray Hill. This was an institution used to house those inflicted with TB and was started when FDR was Governor. The location seemed right but the name wasn’t. I finally found it after about an hour of searching – Sonyea. But, although Sonyea was in the right area and definitely the right name, I had its purpose wrong – Sonyea was an institution for epileptics. The whole subject fascinated me and kept me busy for the evening, although I drove my husband nuts with my quest for information! I don’t know what I’ll do with the information now – maybe it will be worked into another blog post or even a short story. Writing inspiration comes from many places.
  2. My researching mode slid into this morning when I had to choose a name for my indie publishing. I am so close to finishing my first book of poetry! I needed to choose a name for my “imprint” or what KDP will take as my publisher information. After going back and forth on several choices with my husband and one of my sons, I finally picked a name. I will let you know what it is at a later date, but during my research on naming an independent publishing house, I found many helpful articles. I also learned what the differences were between press, publisher, and printer. There are some obvious ones but I think the line has become blurred with the fast-growing body of independent small presses. Here are a few of the helpful articles: The Difference between Printing and Publishing at >>>>>> Publisher or Self-Publisher, What’s the Difference? found at, and, Knowing the Difference between Types of Publishers at All of these articles, plus a few more, helped me to decide on my imprint name. Then, I had to research if it was already taken or not.
  3. Finally, the Kid Lit Progressive poem this year has taken on a form that incorporates quotes and adaptations of lines from children’s literature. I’ve been gearing up for this all week, and made progress, especially, last night. I wanted to use a line from a book that meant something to me. I know what books impacted me as a child or when I read them to my children. I searched for lines that might be applicable to the Progressive Poem from those stories. Today, I immediately searched the host’s page for today’s addition. Then, I had to decide what line I would borrow or adapt to add for my part of the progressive poem. Right now, I’m between two lines, both from famous works. I’ll have to decide later today.

I enjoy researching because I love the information I find. It’s like a treasure hunt to find an answer to a question or what you are looking for to help stimulate your memory. Now that my research is done, I’ll move on for now!

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